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May 29, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Greg and Cindy McCarren

Congratulations to Greg and Cindy McCarren from Tryon, North Carolina, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“When my sister, Jill, called to tell me about this wonderful juice four years ago, I had no idea that God was answering all of my prayers in ways that I could never have imagined! Despite the fact that I had always tried to take care of myself with diet and exercise, I was beginning to feel old with aches and pains and no energy. After a few days of drinking MonaVie, I knew that I would never stop drinking it because of the wonderful health benefits I was experiencing.

“Greg and I already owned more than one small business and neither of us was looking to add more to our already busy lives. We continued enjoying the benefits of the juice and sharing it with family and a few close friends, but when we saw our friends and leaders, Claudia and Stan Simpson, become Diamond Executives we slowly began to change our minds!

“It took us a little longer than most, but our eyes and hearts were finally opened to the truth that MonaVie was the best possible opportunity to change our family’s future. We found that by simply sharing the message of health and hope with the people we loved. We were helping them discover an exciting and healthy life.

“Greg and I have found this business to be so much fun! Where else can you choose the people you want to get in business with you? We have an amazing team and have made so many treasured friendships on the road to Gold. We are so excited about the Cruise for Gold and the opportunity to learn how to become better leaders. Thank you, MonaVie, for making this reward trip possible! Now, we are focused on getting our amazing team members on the cruise with us!”

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