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Jun 26, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Erika Findlow and Steve Callaghan

Congratulations to Erika Findlow and Steve Callaghan from Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“Our MonaVie journey to the Cruise for Gold started a year and a half ago when friends of ours mailed us a bottle of MonaVie Pulse. Thinking it was a bottle of wine, Steve put it in the fridge and left it there for two weeks. We had been approached four years earlier about the opportunity and said ‘no.’ In fact, we needed four exposures to MonaVie before saying ‘yes.’ Never give up on your friends!

“Recognizing the look of the bottle from years prior, we remembered that it was a health drink and not wine. Steve started drinking the juice, and the rest is history. We ended up falling in love with the product and sharing it with all our family and friends. Steve is a retired police sergeant, and I am in the healthcare profession as a dental hygienist; so, the opportunity to share health and help others really excited us. We ended up reaching Bronze Executive in a little over one month.

“Our path from Bronze to Gold was a true growth experience. As many have said before us, this is a journey and not a race. The life lessons we have learned on our MonaVie journey could have only been achieved through this experience. We have definitely grown as individuals and are not the same people we were coming into this. It took the time between Bronze and Gold to refine us into the leaders we needed to be for our team.

“The greatest blessing of all is definitely our team, especially the core group of leaders that have been with us from the beginning. MonaVie is truly an extended family. Our team is the reason we are on the cruise. They have lifted us up when we have gone through the valleys and celebrated with us when we reached significant milestones as a group. We look forward to doing life together with them!”


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