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Jun 4, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Christy and David Hortenstine

Congratulations to Christy and David Hortenstine from Taylor, Texas, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“Qualifying for the Cruise for Gold was a huge goal for us, especially since the first cruise went to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas! Since our daughter, Lauren, was a little girl watching Mary Kate & Ashley, she has wanted to spend her 16th birthday at the Atlantis just as the twins had in one of their movies. Our kids, Lauren (15), Matt (11), and Mason (7), are an incredible support to our business and very understanding when it comes to one of us missing a game or an event, so it is extremely important to us to include them in this reward. We are so excited for our kids to ‘be around the fire’ and meet other MonaVie kids from across North America! 

“One of my favorite lines from Charlie Kalb is, ‘Just do something!’ You have to do something each day: make phone calls, talk to people you encounter each day, work on building relationships with new people, and write it down! You may think you are busy, but when you get down to keeping it on a calendar, you see truly how much time you have devoted to sharing this opportunity with others!

“We had to get out of our comfort zone and talk to everyone we came in contact with. We decided that an ‘I’m not interested’ is so much better than not sharing an opportunity with them at all. Don’t get discouraged! Don’t get down and give up! Get out of your comfort zone, and talk to people! 

“Part of our team lives three and a half hours away, and we support them at many of their events making the drive to Fort Worth every couple of weeks. We reach down into our downline and work on building and strengthening relationships with people we had never met before MonaVie blessed our lives!

“We are looking forward to spending time with the next wave of leaders, learning from them, and building upon each other’s excitement! We are also looking forward to our children experiencing the MonaVie family atmosphere and meeting other MonaVie kids from across the country—kids who are raised with the same goals, ambition, work ethic, morals, and values that we teach them to have.

“We could not have done this without our amazing upline, Emily and Kevin Wilson, who are Blue Diamonds from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Emily never took me off her list and continued to ‘drip’ on me for several years despite the ‘no’s’ and excuses I gave her. I know that God placed Emily and Kevin in our lives 23 years ago for a reason, and we are so blessed to call them our dearest friends! I also want to thank Corbin for getting in David’s face two years ago: ‘How serious are you about this? Then, don’t miss Family Reunion! If you are serious about it, you will be there! No excuses!’ Those who show up, go up!

“We are also very thankful for our amazing parents who support us and watch our children when we have to be away. Seeing the health benefits they have received from MonaVie and RVL is remarkable! Thank you, MonaVie, for products, people, and atmosphere that change people’s lives!”

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