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Dec 17, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Edgar Castorena

Congratulations to Edgar Castorena from Odessa, Texas, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what he had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“Everything started about one year ago when one of my friends mentioned a product that had helped improve his joint health in his knees. He presented to me a bottle of MonaVie Active and gave me a brief explanation of the juice’s ingredients. I have been playing soccer all my life and have experienced accompanying knee troubles. I consider myself a skeptical person because I’ve tried pretty much everything for my knee and nothing worked. Well, after drinking MonaVie for a month, I started feeling the difference in my body. I couldn’t believe it. There aren't words to explain how amazing my body felt. I started drinking the product regularly.

“My friend would always tell me to join MonaVie. He said that if I joined MonaVie my life would change completely. One day we were watching a soccer game, and he made a bet with me. He told me if his team wins, I must join MonaVie. But if his team lost, he wouldn’t mention anything about it anymore. I lost the bet and got signed up. It took me seven months to realize that this was a great opportunity and that this business was actually working out for me. I realized that MonaVie was a way out of back breaking work.

“MonaVie gave me a new perspective on life. I found that I could obtain the good health and financial freedom we all want. Since I am a husband and father of three children, this would help me sustain my family better. As months started passing by, I started getting more involved with MonaVie. I started reading books and searching on the web to learn more about network marketing. Even though MonaVie was working out for me, I still had doubts in the back of my head because it was hard to believe that I could make this amount of money just by sharing the product with people. I wasn't selling; I was just sharing the experiences I had. It was a bit weird to understand network marketing since I had been working hard all my life with sweat and tears to own my own business. The success I was having with MonaVie was still kind of hard to believe.

“I had the chance to attend my first MonaVie convention in Dallas, Texas. This was the day that changed my life completely. Listening to the personal stories of Steve Merritt and many others, it wasn't any different than how I got started. It was amazing! They gave me the motivation to keep going with my dreams and to never let go of what I believed. That’s when I figured out that the only person who could stop me is me. That night I came to fully believe in MonaVie. It’s been over a year that I joined; and, with hard work, perseverance, and commitment, I’ve reached the rank of Gold Executive and earned more than $8,000 in two weeks in Top Enroller bonuses. I’m still aiming high for the sky. Mi nombre es Edgar Castorena, y yo soy MonaVie!”

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