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Apr 15, 2013

Congratulations, Suzanne Curry, Star Maker iPad Mini Promo Winner!

Congratulations to Suzanne Curry, from Smyrna, Tennessee, on winning an iPad Mini through the Star Maker iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what she had to say about her accomplishment…

“I was successful in getting my five distributors by sharing with my friends why I am so excited and passionate about MonaVie. In my first month, I had three HBRs at my house. My awesome team leaders, Jason Hillard and Marty Parker, helped explain the business and how beneficial the products are for your health. I have been going out into the community and sharing the message of health, scanning with a purpose, and showing how MonaVie products fill the gaps.

“Getting the VIEW scanner was the best decision I ever made because it allows me to go to strangers with a powerful ice breaker and simply ask them if they knew their antioxidant score. This, in turn, allows the opportunity to have a place in the conversation.

“I have been able to get people in at the initial 200 PV and on AutoShip because I have told them they need to be prepared with product to share because they will be so excited and want to tell others about MonaVie. Getting the Senior Executive Kit and scanner is worth the investment no matter what situation you are in.”

You too can win an iPad Mini simply by doing what Suzanne did:

  1. Enroll 5 new distributors (minimum of 200 PV initial order; must enroll on AutoShip at 200 PV).
  2. Help turn 3 of those distributors into Stars.
  3. Win an iPad Mini.

Click here for complete details on the Star Maker iPad Mini Promo.

And once again, congratulations, Suzanne!

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