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Jan 21, 2014

Congratulations, Robert Niebla, MonaVie 4x4 Program Winner!

Congratulations to Silver Executive Robert Niebla from Palm Springs, Florida, on earning a brand new Jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what he had to say about this accomplishment…

“My friend and sponsor Pedro Malagon invited me to his house to hear about the MonaVie opportunity, and when our friend Ruby Executive Carlos Concheso finished doing the presentation I did not hesitate to enroll with the Senior Executive Kit that same night.

“As an electrician, it is very difficult to maintain good eating habits. I used to always be tired, stressed, irritable, and overweight. With MonaVie, I saw a way to achieve what I was looking for.

“I have a wonderful family but my parents are older and their retirement plan is not enough to fully enjoy life. That's not what I want for myself and my family in the future. I want enough financial independence to travel the world and have great health for my family so we can enjoy our time together.

Working with friends
“When Pedro Malagon approached me, he had already obtained results. I could see that with hard work and dedication, one can earn money quickly; and with the products, we can improve the quality of our life and the life of those around us. This gave me the confidence to take the first step, and as our friend Matt Curtis says, ‘Friends do what friends do.’ I wanted to work with my friends to have a better health and financial freedom.

“The next day I started by signing up my first distributors, and great friends, Yasmany and Lisandra Rodríguez with a Senior Executive Kit. Since that day, my main goal has been to make this great opportunity known to everyone.

“John Kziasek, Matt Curtis, and Steve Merritt have supported us a lot also. They are a great inspiration and guide to follow. I said to myself, if they got to where they are now then there is nothing in the world that prevents me to succeed also.

New Year, new Jeep
“I attended many home business reviews, but not until 15 days later of enrolling, I had the first one at my house with the help of Carlos Concheso and my sponsors Pedro Malagon and Erica Pavon. I then worked hard to continue to share the opportunity with my friends and family, and after my first four weeks in the business I earned a Jeep! That was a great New Year’s Eve present!

“I was able to drive my Jeep along with another five jeeps to the Winners Advance Meeting in Atlanta. I have no words to describe how that meeting changed my life! It was so awesome that I’m also going to the Winners Advance Meeting in Las Vegas! I’m fired up about being a pioneer in the Latino Market initiative and I can’t wait to change the world one person at a time!

“I’d like to thank all my team and MonaVie for giving me the opportunity to achieve the dreams I've always had. Now I can enjoy an additional income and better health. We are just getting started. My name is Robert Niebla, and I am MonaVie!” 


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