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Jan 21, 2014

Congratulations, Regina Hensel, MonaVie 4x4 Program Winner!

Congratulations to Silver Executive Regina Hensel from Aldergrove, British Columbia, on earning a brand new Jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what she had to say about this accomplishment…

“My first steps toward earning a Jeep were to involve my family, as they are the people this business is worth building for.

“What made me successful to obtain this goal was the love and support I received from my sponsor, Silver Executive Korina Felhauer, and from my upline Diamond Executive Lori Runzer, who showered me with blessings and belief.

Help more to obtain more
“My advice to others would be to believe in yourself and your working upline. Realize you are in this awesome business to help others be healthy. And the more you help others, the more successful you will become.

“My Jeep is going to be traveling through British Columbia and Alberta as I hit the road to show family and friends a better way to live, a better way of handling stress and sleep deprivation, and a great way to boost their antioxidants so they can better handle what life throws at them.”

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