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Jan 6, 2014

Congratulations, Pedro Malagon and Erica Pavon, MonaVie 4x4 Program Winners!

Congratulations to Star 1,000 distributors Pedro Malagon and Erica Pavon from Palm Springs, Florida, on earning a brand new jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what they have to say about their accomplishment…
“We have been part of MonaVie for almost three months now and it has truly been the most rewarding experience we have ever had. The people we have met in this short time are some of the kindest, most honest people we’ve ever known.

“We are so grateful that we have been able to build these friendships that will last a lifetime. We would like to thank our sponsor and good friend, Ruby Executive Carlos Concheso, as he is the one who presented us with this opportunity. It took us two years to listen to him, but he knew that it was our time to shine and that this would be our year!

“Well, he was absolutely right! In the past couple of months, we have managed to build this business with our closest friends and family and have changed so many people’s lives both physically and financially.

“This company and all of the people in it, from our preferred customers and distributors to our up-line and corporate leaders, are truly amazing. We never imagined how much support we would get from our up-line. We would like to give a big shout out to Matt and Kim Curtis, Steve and Gina Merritt, and John and Leslie Ksiazek; each have assisted us with hosting home business reviews and have shown a tremendous amount of support to our entire team.

“What has made us so successful was that we have followed the same motto since day one, which is TOTAL FOCUS: Taking Our Team to Another Level Following One Course Until Successful.
Our tips for others are to stay committed and do as Ken Porter says, “Finish what you start!” Go to every MonaVie event you can and dial in to every call and webinar to keep both you and your team motivated. And, don’t lose sight of your dream that drove you to get into this business in the first place.
“We are so excited to continue to share this opportunity and are fired up to see what the company has in store for us. We are not only part of the Gen-C community, but also part of the Hispanic community and we know that 2014 has great things in store for us. We plan to continue our journey with MonaVie for many years to come! We are Pedro and Erica, and ‘We are MonaVie!’”

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