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Aug 5, 2013

Congratulations, Mike and Kelli Bonomo, iPad Mini Promo Winners!

Congratulations to Mike and Kelli Bonomo, from Herscher, Illinois, on winning an iPad Mini through the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“MonaVie has changed our life. We have been involved in the company for more than three years. There have been a lot of personal ups and downs and a lot of business ups and downs. The friendships that we have made in MonaVie, even though we may not see everyone every day, are true wholesome friendships. The people that just put others before themselves is what is teaching Mike and I more about the type of people that we want to continue to strive to be.

“We have hit ranks and fallen back many times; that's all part of the business and growth process. Steve and Gina Merritt are true Christian leaders. We have learned so much from them, and they are true cheerleaders! Mike and I have put God at the forefront of our home, our business, our marriage and our family. Without Him first, it would never happen. All the glory to Him! MonaVie and its community are what inspire us to want to continue on to truly achieve A More Meaningful Life, not just for us but for anyone God puts before us. 

“We have definitely shifted our mindset as far a Preferred Customers are concerned. After being in this business for so long, the warm contact list is gone. Linking up with Mark Macdonald has really opened our eyes to learn that everyone on this planet needs to be implementing the MonaVie products into their lives even if they don't want to do a business! We lead with product and the VIEW scanner—the reasons people need MonaVie. We are utilizing our Preferred Customers to build a new prospect list.

“We allow our leads to build belief in the product and let them watch and feel it work. We educate them on blood sugar and the importance of antioxidants. Let them want to consume it because they really and truly want to feel better, not because they feel roped into a business. Most people just don't have that entrepreneurial mindset to own their own business; but, if they build belief in a product as a customer over a few months, then we shift to sharing the opportunity of how we can help them offset the cost of their product. You really have to meet people and get to know what it is they may be looking for. Don’t pressure them if they don't want to build a business, but by all means help them get healthy!

“Let’s face it: sometimes life just gets in the way! We have had a rough summer in our home, and LIFE has definitely shown up! I believe that it is what you do at those darkest and hardest times that truly show the strength that you have within yourself. And, the personal growth you gain from it you sometimes don't realize until after the situation. The weekend we became Black Tie qualified, my children's father passed away unexpectedly. It has made for some big changes across the board, yet God remained at the top of my list to lean on for strength, grace, and peace. I share this with you for I know that everyone is going to experience life. It is just going to happen. You can chose to be bitter or you can chose to be better, but you can't be both.

“God wants you to be successful, not just in business but in your family and in your marriage and home. But, you have to give him the full reign. Even when something happens and you just don't understand, He does. He is refining you to be the absolute best that you can be if you only just let Him! I don't question Him; I surrender it to Him and know that He is in control. Recently, our entire MonaVie business shut the door and walked away from the company. We could have been bitter and angry, but we held our chin up, stood our ground, and handed it over to the Lord. We know we are where we are supposed to be even though they all left. This is our journey and our story—no one else's. Galations 6:9: Let us not grow weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up! Don't give up. Your future is in God’s hands, and he wants you to have a life of abundance! Trust in him! God bless you all.”

Click here for complete details on how you can win an iPad Mini.


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