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Nov 11, 2013

Congratulations, Mike and Becca Masse, MonaVie 4x4 Program Winners!

Congratulations to Mike and Becca Masse from Vernon, Connecticut, on earning a brand new jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“The first thing we did is we got with our upline and strategized. Purple Diamonds Colombo and Karen DiSalvatore and Rubies Mike and Sharron Massé were such a support during that stage.  Then, we went over a list of people who would benefit from MonaVie (either on the health or income side) and started making calls. I think a key to success is confidence. It was never, ‘Oh, I hope we do this; it would be really cool to get a jeep.’ It was, ‘We're getting a jeep, and we'd love and appreciate if you would consider being a part of it. Do you want to hear more?’

“We were successful thanks to a combination of three factors. The first is how we always approach people, which is to help them achieve their health or financial goals. We let them know how a Junior or Senior Executive Kit can be a great tool to get them there. We knew if we could do that for enough people, we would achieve our goal of earning the cash bonuses and, ultimately, the jeep! The second factor is the reason we are grateful for promotions like this: they add an extra sense of urgency to our activities of building the list, contacting, showing the plan, and following up with people. Third, and most importantly, our job is to ‘scatter seed’ by doing those four activities. We trust God to lead us to ‘good soil’—those people who are ready to start running after better health and/or finances with us!

“My advice to anyone who wants the jeep can be summed up in one word: upgrade. Everyone we introduce this opportunity to is a real person in a different situation, both in life and in their budgets. With the cash bonuses available through this promotion—and MonaVie Rest and Balance added to our already outstanding product offerings—suddenly there's a whole new world of benefits to offer people. We don't up-sell anyone who can't truly afford it. That's not integrity. But, we do keep a sharp eye open for people who would benefit from an upgrade. For example, if they want to try two or three cases of different things, we help them see how a Junior Executive Kit would get them everything they want to try and allow them to be eligible for all the cash bonuses that come from being kit qualified. Then, we do what we can to help them. 

“We are already planning a business building trip from Connecticut to Chicago to help our new team there. Nothing like pulling up in a sweet Grand Cherokee Limited with ‘MonaVie’ on the side to build excitement before the meeting even starts! We also plan to take the jeep on romantic getaways, as well as family excursions. Becca LOVES the heated seats, and our four-year-old Micah and two-year-old Josiah Talon may be even more excited than us about the new family car, which you can see from the picture above is quite an upgrade from our previous car. The sky is the limit!”

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