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May 20, 2013

Congratulations, Kevin and Michelle McNutt, iPad Mini Promo Winners!

Congratulations to Kevin and Michelle McNutt, from Cherry Grove, Alberta, Canada, on winning an iPad Mini through the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“MonaVie has been a blessing. Since MonaVie has become a part of our lives, our family has enjoyed extra energy, improved immune systems, newfound freedom with weight loss, and some old rodeo aches and pains that have never returned. Don't forget: improved internal health scores for the whole family. From the time we first enrolled at one in the morning to winning this promotion, MonaVie has enabled us to meet our goals of traveling, meeting new people, replacing lost overtime income, obtaining a more enriched husband/wife relationship, and more family time. Through all of these events we have been able to meet friends and mentors that we would have not met otherwise. We have had unwavering support from our upline and all of our team members. Without them and their guidance none of this would be possible. Most of all, we are grateful to MonaVie for the relationships that have developed and the dreams that are all coming true as we work towards a life filled with more.

“We most commonly enroll customers on a 200 PV initial order and 200 PV AutoShip. The 200 PV kits work well for someone wanting to try the products. After they have a 60-day run and are feeling the results, a choice is then before them: take the products to maintain health for themselves, or share with some friends who need better nutrition and/or increased income. These customers, upon gaining a testimony of the product, may then transition into becoming business builders by kit qualifying and enjoy the rewards of the compensation plan. We are also able to enroll business builders using the Junior and Senior Executive Kits. It doesn't seem to matter the method of signup; it is all about sharing the amazing products and increasing their Life Scores.

“I would have to say our biggest hurdle we had to overcome in qualifying for this promo was time. Everyone has a busy life, and ours is no exception. We just had to consistently give effort to completing the daily disciplines of listening to MVP Lifelong Learning, building our list, showing the plan either in a one-on-one or a home business review, and following up. Through MonaVie we have been blessed to expand and learn, becoming better people with A More Meaningful Life.

“We kept track of our deadline to win the promo by placing glass beads in a jar. Every day we would remove one, counting down to the deadline. This would motivate us to get out there and share the product and show the plan. With the extension of the promo we were able to meet the goal, and we still have beads left in the jar motivating us to get to Gold! Another item we use to motivate us is our dream board. On the front side is our dreams and goals, some of which are short term and some are long term. But for every item we achieve, it gets moved to the other side, which is called our achievement board. This stands as a reminder of all we have been blessed with and that all our goals can be achieved with hard work.”

Click here for complete details on how you can win an iPad Mini.

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