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Aug 26, 2013

Congratulations, Jake and Jane Haagsman, iPad Mini Promo Winners!

Congratulations to Jake and Jane Haagsman, from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, on winning an iPad Mini through the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“We have learned how to set aside things that are negative and not let the situations of the moment affect our day. We pray a lot and stay focused on our goals of being better at contacting, inviting, sharing the business, following up, and helping people on our team hit their goals. While we may not always hit our goals, we've grown in a direction that allows us the opportunity to learn how to handle things in the future. We've learned not to give spoken word to situations that are negative and to (try very hard) to always speak positively! 

“We set a goal of becoming Black Tie qualified at the time the 30/30 Pilot Program started. That program helped keep us accountable and helped get some great momentum going. We hit our goal of becoming Black Tie qualified, helped one of our teammates do the same, and because of the momentum that got started were able to win the iPad Mini promotion. It's been good for us to remember the fact that we are a health and wellness company, which is running some AWESOME promotions right now—not an awesome promotions company that happens to have world class products.

“Not giving up when it didn't look like it was going to come together for us has made all the difference. I got up this morning and declared we were going to have an amazing day, and we had the best day we have ever had in the business in nearly four years. Jake has been working non-stop with his painting business for the last seven weeks, so it's been pretty much me building. But, instead of whining that he wasn't here to help me, I made the decision that we were going to get these promotions done. We have fallen short every promotion in the past, but this one isn't a quick fix promotion. The iPad Mini promo was also a way for us to reach the other goals we wanted to, and we have added some tremendous leaders to our team!  

“Don't focus on where you are or where you've been; focus on where you are going. God gave us vision for our future, not our past. Learn from your mistakes, and go give it 100 percent! I would encourage everyone to read Habakkuk 2:2–3 in the Bible because it's been a great source of encouragement for us!”


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