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Jul 22, 2013

Congratulations, Holly and Corbin Roush, 2x iPad Mini Promo Winners!

Congratulations to Holly and Corbin Roush from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who have won an iPad Mini for the second time during the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“MonaVie has been a life-changing opportunity. We have made so many friends across the country who we would not have known if it weren’t for MonaVie. MonaVie is not just about juice; it's truly about helping people physically, financially, spiritually, and mentally. So many life skills are taught here. Financially, it's been a tremendous blessing. I'm reminded of that especially in the summers when we have freedom to be with our kids.

“Being successful is about putting yourself out there, whether it’s talking to people one-on-one or through daily social media posts. Several people have signed up with MonaVie because of my Facebook posts. They saw the excitement, and they were ready to take action. The key is activity. Commit yourself to contacting 2–3 new people every day!

“We all face obstacles. I think time can be a factor. It’s the summer, so it's easy to get engrossed in your kids’ activities. You have to make time. You have to take action. You have to be willing to do more than others are willing to do. Live outside your box!”

Click here for complete details on how you can win an iPad Mini.

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