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Aug 27, 2013

Congratulations, Glenn and Nicole Johnson, iPad Mini Promo Winners!

Congratulations to Glenn and Nicole Johnson, from Niantic, Connecticut, on winning an iPad Mini through the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“I made a list of names (on paper), and proceeded to share with them how the products could benefit them. With an awareness of such a significant need for increased health, purchasing the products for themselves is an obvious solution. Once someone experiences how the products work for them, it becomes that much easier to share them with others.

“I help people understand the importance of getting on AutoShip at at least 200 PV by explaining how it is part of ensuring a timely supply of MonaVie products. Once they experience the benefits, they'll want them to continue!

“Whatever the goal might be, hurdles will invariably present themselves whether they be the big two—time and money—or anything else. Whatever is needed most to reach the goal is often what is required most to reach it. Both often come into play as hurdles. Our thought is simply to set goals that are in line with God's plan for us, and act on faith.”

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