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May 20, 2013

Congratulations, George Aubrey, iPad Mini Promo Winner!

Congratulations to George Aubrey from Riviera Beach, Florida, on winning an iPad Mini through the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what he had to say about his accomplishment…

“The VIEW scanner enables distributors to become successful much quicker and easier. The following is an outline of my approach to utilizing the VIEW as a tool to increase your MonaVie business.

“There are several approaches to soliciting someone for a scan. Use an approach that is comfortable for you, and do not be scripted. Be natural. The client will probably scan red, orange, or yellow. However, do not be surprised if a potential customer scans green or blue. They are obviously on a good program. Do not be discouraged. Remember that the MonaVie products cover several wellness solutions. MonaVie Pulse has plant sterols and resveratrol for the circulatory system. MonaVie (M)mūn has a proprietary immune system booster. MonaVie Active and MonaVie MX have plant-derived glucosamine for joint health along with antioxidant support.

“So, the MonaVie products are much more than one of the most, if not the most, complete antioxidant combinations known; the MonaVie products have the additional benefits previously mentioned. You must be knowledgeable and familiar with the products so that you are able to answer most questions that a potential customer may have. You have tremendous support from everyone in the MonaVie organization from the company to your upline.

“If the potential customer scans red, orange, or yellow, the aging process will accelerate. A person will not see or feel free radical damage. There are various types of free radicals and various antioxidants that render the free radicals harmless. All humans will age. However, some will age faster or slower than others. The simple question is, ‘if you can prolong this inevitability, wouldn't that be priceless?’ Take this juice and add the MonaVie RVL system to your program for two months, and see and feel the difference. It’s a money back guarantee if you do not increase your antioxidant number.

“In closing, MonaVie products and the science that supports the products are rather expensive but irrelevant when it comes to your health. However, by being on AutoShip and bringing other friends, family, and associates into this program, it is possible to receive your product for free and make additional income. Eventually, depending on your effort, the income could be quite substantial, and you will find that it`s a lot of fun. You will also find that you have unlimited support from this organization. Hopefully, this brief synopsis helps someone be healthier and successful in their business to help others live A More Meaningful Life.”

Click here for complete details on how you can win an iPad Mini.

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