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May 20, 2013

Congratulations, Carlos and Dena Concheso, iPad Mini Promo Winners!

Congratulations to Carlos and Dena Concheso, from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, on winning an iPad Mini through the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“When I attended the convention in Orlando and heard about the iPad Mini Promo, I said to myself, ‘I’m winning one for sure.’ That same weekend, I sponsored my first two personals with Senior Executive Kits and VIEW scanners. One of them went Star 1,000 the first week! But, then I went back to my almost 100+ hours/week job, and I didn’t sponsor anyone for two months. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

“Something very special happened on March 19. I attended a meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida, with Crowne Black Diamonds Steve Merritt and Ken Porter. That night they spoke about how important it is to not focus so much on looking for business builders who are ready to purchase a Junior or Senior Executive Kit, but to get people drinking the juice. Steve mentioned how he is one of the top income earners in the industry, and he got started with one bottle after saying no to his sponsor 12 times.

“So the next day, I put my VIEW scanner to work! I started scanning whole families. At one of the houses I went, I couldn’t help but to let go a few tears. There were four kids, and they started saying, ‘Mr. Carlos, please tell me that you are coming back tomorrow! We promise that we will start eating more fruits and drinking the juice!’ Wow, if that is not life changing you tell me what is. Families are going back to the gym, working on controlling their stress levels, staying away from so much sun, making sure they sleep more, quitting smoking, eating healthier, and watching more closely to what their kids eat. It is so worth it!

“Of course, not every person I have scanned has bought the juice. But before I leave, I make sure that they at least have an action plan in place to improve their Life Score on their own. Some of them realize how much harder it is to do on their own, so they call me back and place a few orders. Showing them that I truly care about their health and showing them the 60-day money back guarantee on top of that has helped me a lot!

“Another life-changing moment for me was a few days after the meeting with Steve and Ken, the MVP Lifelong Learning March edition arrived at my house. The first CD I listened to was the one from Ken Porter (“Finish What You Start”). I love the story of how when he was introduced to network marketing the presenter asked, ‘If I can show you a way to make $1,000 week for the rest of your life with one year of hard work, would you do it?’ Most people there were laughing and didn’t take it seriously, but Ken raised his hand and said, ‘Please show me how!’ They made him sign a contract committing to sponsor one person a week for 52 weeks no matter what!

“Initially, Ken thought that was pretty easy until he realized that in order to sponsor one person a week he had to present to five people a week. And, in order to present to five he had to schedule 12 appointments a week, which means he had to talk with an average of 30 people a week. Not an easy task at all after he ran out of family and friends’ names around the third week. But, he knew his dreams were way higher than quitting, so he kept going and his closing ratio improved each week. Exactly at week 52, he made $1,000. The year after, he earned about $3,000. The third year, he made close to $7,000. Today, he earns millions!

“Since the first week of April, I have sponsored one person each week and I have helped those who were ready become Stars and beyond. Just last week, I sponsored three personals! That means I’m on my way to earning a second iPad Mini, and I’m just one person away from qualifying for the Black Tie Event this August in Salt Lake City! Woo hoo! Did I mention that my job takes almost 100 hours a week of my time? Busy people get things done! Please stop trying to convince the ones on the couch to do something with their lives. Just pray for them, and let them know you will be there to help when they are ready.

“I have used the word ‘I’ a lot, but none of the above would have been possible without God, my beautiful wife Dena, who is taking care of our two children (Marcos, 7, and Joey, 14) almost 24/7 so I can be out there following a proven and predictable pattern of activities. Thank you to my mom (my very first distributor and right hand), our upline John and Tamra Ksiazek, Matt and Kim Curtis, and Steve and Gina Merritt for believing in us. And of course, thanks to our awesome team!

“To sum up, I encourage everyone to follow the MVP system, which includes listening to the Lifelong Learning CDs each month over and over again. More importantly, get your VIEW scanners to work, and set a goal to sponsor one person a week regardless of whether they are drinkers or business builders. There is no possible way that your business won’t grow if you do that! Our corporate team and leaders keep making it easier and easier for us to succeed. The question is are you willing to do the work required to achieve results beyond your wildest dreams? Let’s all finish what we started! God bless you all…FIRED UP!”

Click here for complete details on how you can win an iPad Mini.

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