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Jul 1, 2013

Congratulations, Carlos and Dena Concheso, 2x iPad Mini Promo Winners!

Congratulations to Carlos and Dena Concheso from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, who have won an iPad Mini for the second time during the iPad Mini Promo! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“We are really excited about winning a second iPad Mini, but what really fires us up the most are all the families we are transforming along the way. As our President and CEO Mauricio Bellora says, ‘MonaVie’s biggest purpose is to have people live a more meaningful life! Not a more meaningful week or month, a more meaningful life!’

“I encourage everyone to go back and read what we shared the first time we won the iPad Mini a couple of months ago, as really we have continued following the same process. Sponsor one new person a week no matter what!

“We are extremely excited about qualifying for the Black Tie Event in Salt Lake City. That's going to be an event that no one can afford to miss! And, what can I tell you about the new Jeep promo? Wow! Beep, beep! Our corporate team keeps making it more and more rewarding for those who are willing to do the work. They truly want us to win big! Speaking of winning, we can't wait to win our third iPad Mini. Why pay when you can get it for FREE? Fired up!”

Click here for complete details on how you can win an iPad Mini.

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