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Nov 4, 2013

Congratulations, Carl and Cathie Firestone, MonaVie 4x4 Program Winners!

Congratulations to Carl and Cathie Firestone from Lorain, Ohio, on winning a brand new jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“When the 4x4 Program and Bonus Pool were announced, we hit our knees and said a prayer! It went something like this: ‘Dear Lord, we need your help! We would really like to earn a Jeep from MonaVie and that nice bonus pool cash too. We will need Your favor and wisdom and blessing to do it. Direct our hearts, our mouths, and our feet. Thank you, and amen.’

“Then, we got to work building a list of the top 20 folks we wanted to share the promotions with. We contacted and invited all of them to meet ASAP to share the details through our new MonaVie TouchPoint app. We did not tell people why we wanted to see them. We just said something like, ‘Adam, this is Carl. Where are you? I am coming over! I have something you have got to see!’ When they asked what it was, I just said, ‘If I could show you a proven way to take $999 and turn it into $2,000 to $4,000 in four hours or four weeks, backed by a billion-dollar company in two of the hottest markets right now, would you sit down and look it over with me?’ If they pressed me for more information, I simply said, ‘This is too important to go over the phone. I am not even going to begin to share it with you over the phone. You have got to SEE it! Let's get together right away before you miss it!’

“We signed up six people on Senior Executive Kits and one on a Junior Executive Kit in three weeks and two days, earning over $5,700 from the 4x4 Bonus Pool! God answered our prayers!

“We held each other accountable and did the four daily income-generating activities, including building a new list, contacting and inviting people to show them the plan, and following up with them within 48 hours if they did not get in on the spot. Make a true decision, and keep after it! Keep focused on the prize, and keep positive pressure on yourself. Put the hammer down, and keep climbing. The rewards are worthy of the efforts!

“We’re taking our new jeep everywhere and anywhere! Our first trip will be to the Business Building Seminar in Toledo, Ohio. Then, we’re off to the Winners Advance Conference, January 3–5, 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia.”

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