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Feb 4, 2014

Cody Van Camp Wins New Car with MonaVie Hat Trick Promotion

Congratulations to Bronze Executive Cody Van Camp from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on winning a new car as part of the Hat Trick promotion. Lady Luck was on Cody’s side when a slip of paper with his name was pulled randomly from thousands of others who had also earned tickets in the MonaVie Hat Trick promotion, and who had qualified for this special drawing.

But luck didn’t put him in this enviable position, and luck didn’t get him to the Bronze Executive level.

In fact, it took hard work, persistence, and encouragement from other successful distributors.

“When I first started with MonaVie, I didn't have the confidence or the know-how to get things done, and I eventually quit,” says Cody. “Five years later I ran into successful MonaVie distributors Dean and Lori Runzer. Not only did they ignite a spark of confidence and leadership in me, but they instilled in me a sense of community that told me that: together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.”

As Cody reengaged in the business with the help of the Runzers, he realized that he had all the tools he needed to be successful. About this same time, MonaVie introduced the 4x4 Program, which is a simple and effective way to build a solid foundation for a successful business with MonaVie by sharing the product with others. As he began applying these principles, along came the MonaVie Hat Trick promotion, which rewards the same behaviors that can make anyone successful in sharing MonaVie with others through product sales. “I truly believe that with MonaVie’s amazing products and exceptional business plan we've struck gold!” says Cody. “I am so excited to continue driving the wellness industry forward with MonaVie.”

Let’s not forget about the car…Cody chose a Jeep, and here’s what he had to say about it: “Winning this vehicle couldn't have happened at a better time. What an amazing perk and an amazing company. Thank you, MonaVie!”

Score a Hat Trick with MonaVie
Here’s the good news for the rest of you: there will be another free car drawing at the end of the promotion and there are a variety of ways to earn tickets so that any distributor—no matter their rank or how long they’ve been in the business—can qualify and win! Oh, and the grand prize—the MonaVie Hat Trick trip of a lifetime to Brazil—is still up for grabs for five qualifying distributorships!

Click here to for Hat Trick Promotion details.

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