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Feb 27, 2012

New Blue Diamond Executives—Jan and Teri Shuler

Congratulations to Jan and Teri Shuler from St. Matthews, South Carolina, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

"We were introduced to network marketing over 16 years ago. It didn't take long to realize that networking allows us to design our own life. No more employers telling us when to go to work, when to take a vacation, and, more importantly, how much money we could make. We understood if you allow someone else to design your life, they will surely design it too small.

"We know that given the right opportunity, with the right company, your life can change. We are living proof of that. We are ordinary people who have been able to create an extraordinary life. We've walked the Great Wall of China, visited the Taj Mahal, and met incredible people from so many cultures around the world. Most recently, our time has been spent in India developing a team filled with incredible leaders!

"Our approach has always been to be a mentor to some and be mentored by others. We do not feel the need to use the terms 'upline' or 'downline.' We realized long ago that we should remain open to learning from all members of our team, and we are grateful for each of the powerful lessons we have learned along the way. We are passionate about networking, but transforming that passion into success requires one more thing: making a good choice about which company deserves our efforts!

"So, why MonaVie? The answer for us is simple. It isn't MonaVie's amazing compensation plan or world-class product line; our choice was made because of MonaVie's world-class corporate team. The truth is, as networkers many of us can build large organizations; but, the corporate staff makes decisions on a daily basis that ultimately determine our success or failure. We believe that MonaVie is an exceptional company with exceptional leadership and, more importantly, heart! To live A More Meaningful Life is not just a tag line. MonaVie has a mission to change lives, and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to play a role in the MonaVie journey."

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