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Apr 14, 2014

Balance Trial Success Story: The Power of Your Voice

Today we’re chatting with Julia Jackalone, a Gold Executive who has been with MonaVie since 2010. Based in Chicago, IL, she’s had success enrolling new preferred customers using the 2-week Balance Trial. Read along as she shares communication tools, recruitment advice, goals for the promotion, and her own experience with Balance.

  1. What was your own personal experience with Balance?

I was always worried about different things in my life. I’m a single mom of two, so there’s always something to worry about. Raising kids alone is a lot of stress. Sometimes it’s just too much to handle. When I starting taking Balance, I felt much more calm. I was nice. My mood was better. I started sleeping like a baby, and I was remembering every dream. It was pretty awesome. I wasn’t so worried about things in life as much.

Without trying Balance for yourself, it’s really hard to promote the product. When they first came out with this product, my mom was the first one to try it. I remember we were doing a tasting party and I started talking about Balance, but I couldn’t really describe what it does. I was just telling people what it is instead. When my mom would step in and start telling them how she feels and how she sleeps, people wanted it right away. The most important part of promoting is telling them what is does instead of what it is.

  1. When you heard about the 2-week Balance Trial, did you have specific people in mind that you wanted to share the product with?

You always hear about your friends being stressed out. Who doesn’t, nowadays? I immediately thought of a few of my girlfriends to share it with. With Balance being on the market for quite some time, I’ve talked to many people about it. Most of them were thinking about ordering it, but most of them were concerned about the price and it not working. I put the word out there on Facebook that there was a trial going on where you could try it for two weeks for free and see for yourself. When Balance first came out, I had lots of people buying one pack. After one month, they would come back and buy 3, 4, and 5. I personally think out of all the MonaVie products, Balance is the biggest success as far as the feedback from consumers. It really hits the spot because everyone has stress.

  1. How did you communicate with those that enrolled?

Facebook worked great for me. At first, I told people if they wanted more information to private message me. I had about six different people PM me because they were all commenting on my posts. I figured I would give information for everybody, so after replying to five or six private messages, I just posted in my comments saying, “This is the number you call. This is how you order. And this is my distributor id to tell them.” The next morning I woke up to two emails from MonaVie saying that I got a new preferred customer enrolled. And one was a guy that didn’t even like or comment on the post. What it tells me is a lot of people are watching what you post and other people’s reactions. This guy that signed up...I never talked to him about MonaVie. He’s just in my friend’s list. I just put it out there and didn’t think about 500 other people seeing it. Even though I didn’t know they were interested, apparently they were. And some of them ordered. I think it’s easier for them to go undercover and place an order.

  1. What advice would you give to other distributors who are trying to enroll new customers with this promotion?

My advice would be: don’t keep your mouth shut. Use it. It’s there for a reason. Talk about it. Let people know that it’s out there and that this product is amazing. Don’t say what it’s for; say what it does for you. Personal experience is what people are looking for. If they trust and look up to you, they will buy it and use it. Make sure you talk to as many people as possible. If you’re a shy person, use social media. It works.

  1. When you talk to people about Balance, do you share you personal experience with it?

Absolutely. Every time. Because when they ask you what it’s made of –the ingredients – I tell them I don’t know. I don’t know what it is; all I know is it’s all-natural, made of herbs, and it’s good for you. I start telling them more and more how I feel than what I know about it.

  1. What’s your personal goal for the Balance promotion?

My goal is not the amount of people enrolled in the promotion. My goal is to make sure as many people that I’ve enrolled in the promotion continue to be on AutoShip after promotion is done.

For more information on MonaVie’s 2-week Balance Trial, please visit New customers can visit

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