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Apr 14, 2014

Balance Trial Success Story: The Power of Social Media

Today we’re chatting with Leah Vargas, a Star 1000 who has been with MonaVie since March 2013. Based in Bismarck, North Dakota, she’s had success enrolling new preferred customers using the 2-week Balance Trial. Read along as she shares communication tools, recruitment advice, goals for the promotion, and her own experience with Balance.

  1. What was your own personal experience with Balance?

Once we found out about MonaVie, I started looking into more natural options for the health of our family. I was told about Balance, so I tried it. I felt 1,000 times better than I had ever felt before. I didn’t feel dead. I felt like I came alive. I had my edge back. Balance doesn’t take the edge off of me, but the motivation to get through the day was back. I didn’t feel emotionally cut off. I’ve never really had trouble sleeping – I have an 8-month-old – I’m up quite often, but it’s definitely a more restful sleep. I can get up in the morning at 5 am and just be ready to take on the day. I do daycare, so I’m a happier person, and I think it helps the kids immensely. I feel like it’s something that you can feel the difference in one day. When I put on Facebook that there was a free trial of Balance, people were like, “Wow. Really?”

  1. When you heard about the 2-week Balance Trial, did you have specific people in mind that you wanted to share the product with?

To be honest, I put it out there on Facebook with a couple pictures of the box and said, “There’s this free trial, and with tax and shipping in North Dakota, it’s only $8.55. You call in and they explain everything to you. Call for the trial. You’ve seen me posting about MonaVie products, and if you think it would help you, it’s definitely something you’ll want to take advantage of.” I had people inbox me. I had some people publicly say on my post that they were interested. I had about 14 women contact me and say, “I want to try this.” And probably 10 of them are people I have never sat down and talked about MonaVie with at all. So social media is awesome!

  1. So out of these 14 women, how many ended up signing up for the trial?

I think seven have called in. I think I’ve gotten seven emails that a new preferred customer has enrolled. I was really surprised by the results. I posted on our MonaVie Team Brannan page that if they’re not pushing this trial and letting people know about this, they definitely should because it’s enrolling preferred customers. People are going to love this because they can feel it within a day. I’ve already had a couple of people contact me and say they fell asleep faster than what they normally do.

  1. How did you communicate with those that enrolled?

I used social media because I’m 28. A lot of people my age get a lot of junk mail. I don’t use a lot of email. And I’m cooped up in the house 11 hours a day doing daycare, so I don’t get out much. Facebook is my communication to the world. We live in an area that I’m not from, so a lot of my contacts and friends are at least 2 hours away and that’s the easiest way to communicate anything to them.

  1. What advice would you give to other distributors who are trying to enroll new customers with this promotion?

Having a presence on Facebook is huge. I don’t get 50 likes on my MonaVie posts. I get a lot from MonaVie distributors, but I don’t get it from people who aren’t using the product. But when I specifically contact people who I think could use it, they’ll say to me, “I’ve been following your MonaVie posts. I find it really interesting.” It’s when you finally contact people. Don’t disqualify people because they’re in another company or you think they’re super healthy or you think they don’t have the money. I’ve made that mistake before with a friend that is super fit. I didn’t talk to her about MonaVie because she was my good friend and now she’s selling for a different network marketing company. You’ll be surprised what people are looking for that they don’t put out on social media.

  1. What’s your personal goal for the Balance promotion?

I’d like to get a total of 15 enrollments in my spare time, during naptime. I plan to re-contact the people who originally contacted me. Just let them know I’ve had a lot of people try it. It’s really great. If you’re not interested after that 2-week trial, you can cancel the AutoShip. I had about 13 people contact me. A couple of my daycare moms contacted me. Even one lady for her husband. I would say 15 within the next six days. I think it’s super easy and the people who have done it were really impressed with the people that they spoke to in the call center. They thought they were super nice and explained the promotion really well. And two weeks of product is awesome. That’s a large value to give away for free (plus shipping and handling).

For more information on MonaVie’s 2-week Balance Trial, please visit New customers can visit

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