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Apr 29, 2014

Balance Trial Success Story: Share the Science, Share the Solution

Today we’re chatting with Shari Reiniger, a Silver executive who has been with MonaVie since 2011. Based in Alberta, Canada, she’s had success registering new preferred customers using the 2-week Balance Trial. Read along as she shares communication tools, recruitment advice, goals for the promotion, and her own experience with MonaVie Balance.

1. What was your own experience with Balance?

I’m a person that gets amped up really quickly and very easily during the day. When I get on a roll, I just keep rolling. I try to control it, but I like my caffeine, so sometimes I can get a little out of control. In the morning, Balance helps me stay more level. At night, when I’ve had a very full day and run right through the end of my day, the PM pill really does help me come down so that I can shut my brain down and actually get a good night’s sleep. The nights that I forget to take the PM pill and I’ve run all day, I’m usually up by 1 or 2 a.m. I literally wake up and my mind is going and it will hit me that I didn’t take my PM pill. I’ll go back downstairs and I’ll usually have it and read a little bit to quiet my brain back down and then I’ll get a great sleep. For me, it just helps me to create the calmness that I need to get that quality of sleep and help me sleep through the night without my brain spinning. I’m a thinker. And for most of my clients that have used Balance as well, they’ve given a lot of the same feedback. They sleep better and faster and better.

2. When you heard about the 2-week Balance Trial, did you have specific people in mind that you wanted to share the product with?

Absolutely. We were in the middle of running the 8-week run with Mark Macdonald, so I had a pilot group of 18 that we’re going through the program. Some of them had already gone on to MonaVie products, so they were already customers. There were a couple of individuals who had high stress jobs and lives and it was an automatic, “Hey, you need to try this.” There were a couple of other clients and colleagues that I had worked with in the corporate world that I was able to reach out and say, “This is something that I know could help” because I know their situations. And then my sister was another one. My sister and my niece have just had some life events happen, so my sister has a hard time winding down at the end of the day. Every person that I targeted was receptive to it, so that was really positive. There were a couple of people who maybe wouldn’t have ordered a full month but were willing to try a 2-week trial. I literally had one lady who got to the end of her week and she said, “I have to have more of this. I can’t run out.” For some people, it’s only taken a week to feel the difference. The promotion is a great win-win. It removes some of that cost from me and opens it up to more people.

3. Did you use any of MonaVie’s marketing tools (flyer, e-mails, web site, videos, etc.) to approach others and sell this promotion?

For me, really it’s been word of mouth. Because I’m a nutritionist, I don’t feel like I need any tools. However, having those marketing tools as back-ups to send people information, that has been great. I wouldn’t say I use the scripts because I’m doing it with a nutrition background. For me, the person-to-person is a creditability piece. I’m not just promoting a product; I’m really promoting a solution for somebody’s life. We’re creating solutions for real people, but we’re creating individualized solutions. We use MonaVie tools as support.

4. What advice would you give to other distributors who are trying to register new customers with this promotion?

For me, it’s just about helping people find the solutions that they’re looking for. And if they’re not looking for a health solution, you’re probably not going to register them or they’re not going to last anyway. What I’m first looking for are people who are actually ready to make a change in their life and they’re ready to take a step forward. And then I let them experience it. We don’t register them right away. We have a few preferred customers that will probably become distributors within the next month. We let them start from where they are. And we help them find the right solution that’s going to work for them and go from there. Some people are ready to jump in faster than others; some people need one piece of a solution. And then we check back with them after they’ve been on the product for a week to see how they’re doing. And now we’re getting way better retention by managing our customers, keeping them happy, and keeping it simple for them. Then they never feel like they’re being sold to; they just feel like they’re actually being served. I had a client who came to one of our wellness forums. She wanted to do the program but she didn’t want to be on AutoShip. She said, “I never want to be locked in.” She’s obviously had an experience before. But when she tried Balance, she said, “I can never come off of this, so I guess I’m going on AutoShip.” She really had to see that there was a benefit to just having it delivered to her each month so that she would never run out of it. So that was a switch since we totally took that pressure away. We will have no retention problem with her.

5. When you talk to people about Balance, do you share you personal experience with it?

Definitely I do, as well as other people’s experiences. I have a little bit of an advantage or an edge because I don’t have to sell the testimony as much because I know the science. But both [approaches] definitely make a difference and people are coming back with their own testimony. I’ve registered between 8-10 people as preferred customers so far. We really just did a targeted group and then I did throw it out on social media on our 8-week run group page. So we’ll probably do a targeted group again after our spring regional this weekend.

6. What’s your personal goal for the Balance promotion?

I haven’t really set a goal because I really base it on whom I come across and where I see their greatest needs. And if they have that need and it’s within this promotion, then that’s great. But I did have a conversation with a client who is a preferred customer and is on Balance. She knows quite a few people that could benefit from it so we’re just working on a timing of when we actually make that contact with her network. For her, it’s one person to another 5-6. So some of that becomes organic growth. So now I’m just following up with people who are having success and asking them whom else they know who need this. We know it’s a lower entry-point price, so for some people who can’t do the full program, they can start taking a step at a time towards better health.

7. Anything else you would like to share?

Balance itself…it’s the right time, the right product, and it has the right science behind it. It’s part of a multi-prong solution, which is what MonaVie had become about. Rather than just be about one thing, it’s really about holistic health. Balance is an integral piece to that for the majority of our population. Stress isn’t going to go away. I talk about that with my clients all the time. We can work on your behavioral response to stress and managing your stress load, but at some point there’s only so much we can do. We live busier, fuller lives and we need to treat ourselves even better. We love that Balance has come in as a product. Really we now have products in each of the areas that we work with people on: sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration, and supplementation. MonaVie really now has that holistic solution.

For more information on MonaVie’s 2-week Balance Trial, please visit New customers can visit

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