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Apr 29, 2014

Balance Trial Success Story: Become a Product of the Product

Today we’re chatting with Heather Rogers, a Silver executive who has been with MonaVie since 2008. Based in Plano, Texas, she’s had success registering new preferred customers using the 2-week Balance Trial. Read along as she shares communication tools, recruitment advice, goals for the promotion, and her own experience with Balance.

1. What was your own experience with Balance?

I’ve consistently been on it for 14 months. I am not a morning person. It’s a problem. Even if I go to bed late and then wake up, I’m still a little sluggish. That’s been my pattern. Within a couple of weeks of being on Balance, it was like I had this internal clock and bing! I’m awake. And not even setting my alarm. I would just naturally get tired. The latest that I would get tired would be midnight or 1 a.m. and then I’d wake up alert and bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8:30 a.m. Balance has really evened me out where I’m not so up and down. I have steady energy and focus. I tend to be kind of a busy body where I have different things that I’m doing and now I have more concentration to get something done versus hop on to the next thing.

2. When you heard about the 2-week Balance Trial, did you have specific people in mind that you wanted to share the product with?

Yes. It has to do with this 8-week run. I’m a part of Mark Macdonald’s first group. I’m four weeks in. I’m also studying for my Venice Nutrition Certification. I specifically wanted to share the promotion with the people who are doing the run because they’re making a big lifestyle change. Of course, the first part of the 8 weeks is detox, so you’re not having sugar, caffeine or salt, which are all things you’re probably used to having. You can be a little irritable and anxious. The people who I knew were committing to this were going to have challenges. Even though Balance isn’t listed in the supplementation documents, Mark has repeatedly said, “Yes, you can take the Balance. It’s all-herbal. It’s good for you.” In the scheme of things, I knew the timing for this promotion was great with this group of people that were taking on this big lifestyle change.  And then there are personal friends of mine. I’ve been involved with MonaVie for a long time, but now they have no excuse to not try something. It’s like $8 for shipping. There’s no excuse. It’s a $30 value but most people see a change within 2 weeks or less. You have nothing to lose.

3. Did you use any of MonaVie’s marketing tools (flyer, e-mails, web site, videos, etc.) to approach others and sell this promotion?

I looked at the flyer, but for me, I went with the personal approach and my testimonial. So with my personal friends, I called them and said, “You have no excuses. Its $8 and I already know your address, so give me your credit card. It’s happening, you’re getting it, and you’re going to take it.” If I’ve had people reach out to me, I’ve private messaged them and said, “There’s an all-natural supplement that Mark recommends that you may benefit from. And it just turns out that right now they’re doing a free 2-week trial and you only have to pay shipping.” And then I’ve had people who are friends of mine that I didn’t call, but I’m posting my progress with the run on my Facebook page every week. I’ll have people call or message me and say, “What are you doing?” and I tell them, but then I’ll also say, “Even if you’re not ready to take this 8-week challenge, there’s a supplement that I’m using and they’re doing a promotion with it right now. You might as well try it.”

4. What advice would you give to other distributors who are trying to register new customers with this promotion?

I think maybe some distributors are not fully embracing it because it’s 0 PV. We want people to grow a fondness for our products. And Balance, in my experience, has been that one product in the whole line of products that people see results fast. So turn off the fact that it’s a 0 PV. It’s an easy entry point and someone can’t use cost. I tell people it’s a $30 value. In the past, distributors have said, “I’ve given away so many bottles…” Well this is MonaVie eating the cost. They’re eating a $30 cost if you will just open your mouth. There’s a very high chance that someone will see some result quickly and therefore continue with Balance. And as far as a monthly charge, $60 for a supplement is nothing. In my opinion, for the dollar amount and the effect of it, Balance is the best product we have.

5. When you talk to people about Balance, do you share you personal experience with it?

The first thing I say is why I thought of them. So with my friend who was quitting smoking, I said, “I know you’re quitting smoking. You’re going to be anxious, you’re going to be challenged.” Then I told her there’s this all-natural product and I even point out some of the ingredients. These are supplements that when combined can really make a difference. I always put out that it’s a free offer. It’s for 2 weeks. If you want to continue it, you can. It’s affordably priced. It’s a $30 value. I don’t think a lot of distributors are stressing that enough.

6. What’s your personal goal for the Balance promotion?

My goal is to make sure they’re on AutoShip at least another 2 months. The official CORE Challenge starts May 1, which I love that they extended this promotion. I hope to have a fresh new set of 10 people that I’m going to help through their 8-week challenge. I’ll be finishing mine. I may even repeat it with them. I would hope another 10 would come on before May 1. A total of 25 before May 31. I would hope they would keep the AutoShip at least through the CORE Challenge and hopefully beyond. And the people that aren’t doing the CORE Challenge or the current 8-week run, like my friends, I hope they see some sort of improvement, which I’m sure they will if they’re taking it consistently. And then I can come back to them and say, “See, I told you! MonaVie does make products that you can see a difference with.” Now they have a testimonial, so what else are they going to try?

7. Anything else you would like to share about this promotion?

It’s about keeping a dialogue with people. I think in the past, a wall goes up when they hear price, especially with the juice. There’s this preconceived idea that everything is expensive in MonaVie. This is an opportunity to really have the objection of price be a non-issue. My goal is to look at whatever the promotions are and go for it. They’re meant to be a conversation starter. Mark has said this for years: “You have to be a product of the product.” You. Yourself. Period. The customers are now in the tree. Let them be a customer for two or three months. And then they’re going to have an affinity for the products and then if they want to build a business, they’re going to build a stronger business. They’re going to be more invested because they themselves have a testimonial. MonaVie is really starting to embrace the customer mindset and have distributors really be focused on getting customers. If you have a loyal customer, you’ll have a loyal customer forever.

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