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Sep 26, 2012

Are You Permanently Committed?—A Message from Randy Schroeder

As I prepare for my flight to the USA, I am scanning connection requests and profiles of various social/business connect sites. It is remarkable the number of people I see who are now in their third or fourth company in the same number of years.

After making a series of mistakes, I one day awoke to the realization that wherever I go, there I am. The same person, with the same skills and character attributes, is highly unlikely to gain a different outcome on a long term basis as a result of a change in company affiliation. As long as the company of my affiliation has the following basic elements in place, which are required for success, then if I want a greater outcome, it is I that must improve.

  1. A product or product line that matters to people
  2. A company that has proven ability to execute
  3. A proven and predictable pattern of activities delivered in universalized training programs and offerings
  4. A legitimate compensation plan
  5. Integrity of leadership

I assure all MonaVie distributors that the above elements are in place here at MonaVie.

A change in company will not produce a meaningful long term change in outcome. Permanent income requires permanent commitment. Commitment to what? Commitment to the development of the four simple skills required for success, and commitment to an ongoing process of character development. I have made and I honor the commitments of the type here referenced. Have you?

If you know me, you know what I believe: You can have it ALL!


Randy Schroeder
President of North America & Europe,

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