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Apr 1, 2013

April 2013 MVP Lifelong Learning—Subscribe Today!

MVP Lifelong Learning blends training and motivational topics delivered by experts and key leadership through CDs, books, and more on a monthly subscription program.


Your April 2013 subscription offering includes:

  • “Determine the Story You Tell Tomorrow“ by Corbin and Holly Roush, Presidential Black Diamonds
    Corbin and Holly Roush explore the choices they made to create the story they share today.  

  • “Where the Fish Are“ by Lance and Tracey Smith, Blue Diamonds
    Far from their days of dreaming on the docks in San Diego, the Smiths have now built their success to the point that they can embark from the docks to go where the fish are. Listen in as Lance and Tracey discuss how they achieved their dreams.  

  • “The GPS System“ by Al and Sherry Huva, Purple Diamonds, & Frank and Cindy Soucinek, Black Diamonds
    Al and Sherry Huva team up with Frank and Cindy Soucinek to share the Guide to Personal Success—GPS. Listen in for insights into how you can make the most of GPS.  

  • “Your Mind/Body Prescription“ by Mark Macdonald, New York Times Bestselling Author and MonaVie Spokesperson
    Mark Macdonald discusses how you can transform your next year into your best year through better mental and physical health. Listen as Mark explains how to practice proper nutrition and elevate your life to the next level.  

  • “Unlock Your Dreams“ by Rex Crain, Author, Speaker, and Performance Coach
    Rex Crain explores what it takes to not only continue dreaming in spite of the challenges life throws at you, but also how to unlock those dreams.

  • Book of the Month: The Go Getter by Peter Kyne
    The Go Getter is the story of William Peck, a war veteran and amputee, who will not be refused what he wants. Peck not only fights to find employment, but continually proves himself more than competent at the many difficult tests that are thrown his way in the course of his early days with the Ricks Lumber Company.

Includes 4 CDs

Includes Basic subscription items, plus: Bonus disc and book of the month

Click here to learn more about this monthly subscription program tailored for your personal enrichment and professional success.

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