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Apr 1, 2013

A Simple Way to Explain the Technology Behind MonaVie’s VIEW Antioxidant Scanner

Looking for a clear and concise way to explain the technology of MonaVie VIEW? Look no further. Learn these simple A, B, C’s of reflection spectroscopy, and then go out and share it with those you introduce to MonaVie every day!

How does reflection spectroscopy work?

  • White light is used to detect antioxidants in your skin. When white light hits antioxidants in your skin, it is reflected back.
  • A spectrometer (VIEW) is used to measure that backscattered light, creating a score of antioxidants present. The more antioxidants present, the higher the score.
  • The MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner uses pressure-mediated reflection spectroscopy by gently squeezing the finger of the person being tested to temporarily express out blood from the test area. This provides the most accurate Life Score reading.

Click here to get a more comprehensive description of VIEW technology.
Click here to download a PDF that tells you exactly what your Life Score means.

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