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Sep 13, 2012

4 Simple Skills and the Process of Character Development—A Message from Randy Schroeder

Good morning, world, from Warsaw, Poland!

As I prepare for the IMAGINE Convention and while reflecting upon the recently completed and highly successful Acceler8 Convention in Anaheim, I have a series of recurring thoughts. Central in my mind is the wish to impress upon all and remind myself of the realities of our business (at least as I see them). Here is a synopsis of my basic beliefs:

1. The fundamental principles that govern network marketing are superior to those that govern conventional business. The reasons are myriad. I here select one of many reasons for this belief: Our every success is born of someone else’s success. In most business methods, “win-win” is a dream unrealized. BMW salespeople make their earnings at the expense of Mercedes salespeople. One attorney’s court victory is a direct result of the failure of another’s. The realtor who gets the listing “won”; the others who attempted lost. On and on I could go with this simple thought. Our every success is born of another’s success!

2. The industry has more than one good company. All of the frothy messages about this company or that company being the “best” are a bit nuts. The company of my affiliation (where I will end my career) is MonaVie. MonaVie is one of a handful of outstanding network marketing companies. It is the individual member with proper implementation of proven processes, applied over time that creates personal successes within the organization.

3. There are four simple skills that can be developed by most anyone with average intelligence, which once developed and applied over time allow the member to “get the key in the lock.”

The skills are:

A. The creation and maintenance of a candidate list. It is an activity to write down a list of names. It is a combination of life skills that make possible our positive interactions with a variety of personality types such that our candidate list continually grows in front of us.

B. Master the Art of the Invitation! Having developed a solid inviting skill, we can be assured that our candidates will see the opportunity, as opposed to seeing the one offering the opportunity. When this skill is well represented through multiple leadership tiers in an organization, success is at hand!

C. Learn to implement an imminently duplicable business presentation method. PRESS PLAY!

D. Develop an institutionalized method of follow up and New Member Orientations.

For us in MonaVie, the skill development process occurs as a result of participating in the MVP community. Once one has developed the above four referenced skills, one must turn to the more difficult process of character development. Our industry has an ability to put a spotlight on every character flaw:

  • Am I selfish? 
  • Am I self-centered?
  • Am I greedy?
  • Am I arrogant?
  • Am I dishonest?
  • Am I disloyal?
  • Am I plagued by lust?
  • Am I lazy?
  • Am I prideful?
  • Am I driven by ego and vain glory?
  • Add to the list...

Without a specific effort to eradicate the above flaws when they come to light, we will find ourselves on a collision course with others and will be unable to build and maintain relationships of trust and mutual care.

The skills required are relatively easy to develop. “The skill to do comes from the doing.”

The process of character development is lifelong, and there is no final destination.

What is the bottom line to all of this? It is my recognition that if my business is not growing, I am the problem. So long as I am affiliated with one of that handful of proven, solid entities in the industry, the key to my further success lies in my own further development, rather than in some new process or product (or in chasing a new company).

Permanent income requires permanent commitment. If you are a MonaVie distributor, do not look left and do not look right. Look straight ahead into the looking glass. Improve what there appears. Then, look inside to your interior. Join me in the knowledge that once the interior battle is won all else is VERY easy.


Randy Schroeder
President of North America & Europe,

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