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Jan 3, 2014

3 Tips to Permanently Lose Weight This Year

The No. 1 New Year’s resolution for many people is to lose weight. Unfortunately, most people quit their plan and lose motivation before February 1. Then the next 11 months are centered on getting back on a consistent food and exercise plan. Before you know it, the next year is here and weight loss is still your No. 1 resolution. Sounds like the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Well in 2014 the insanity stops! Here are three tips to make 2014 the year you permanently achieve your weight loss goals and ignite your metabolism.

Tip 1: Shift your mindset; it’s all about 1% 

January 1 comes and the excess bloat and weight people gained through the holidays makes them want to get it off as quickly as possible, which triggers the "all in" and quick fix mindset. This puts us in a state where we don't care how the weight comes off, we just want it off. This momentum can work for a couple weeks, but then life gets busy again, motivation begins to drop, food gets less rigid, and workouts are missed.
The key is to shift your mindset from all or none to 1%. Imagine creating 1% health improvements every day for the next 365 days. Every 1% improvement becomes a little victory to build upon. The key to winning this new year is small incremental changes that work into your lifestyle and can become a way of life.

Tip 2: Your food is your foundation

Once you have the right mindset, the next step is getting the right information. Unfortunately, the average dieter buys a new diet book every 90 days. This is because they are drawn to the hype of quick weight loss, which we all know is just temporary. The reality is there's no workout that can out work a bad diet. Just like in life, true change is created by implementing the right plan with consistency. Getting your food right is as simple as "eating in 3s," which is eating every three hours with a balance of protein, fat, and carbs. This way of eating stabilizes your blood sugar, balances your hormones, protects your muscle, burns your body fat, and reprograms your metabolism. The cool thing is you can also eat the foods you love; just follow these portion size recommendations based on your hands:
Women – 1 palm of protein, 1 fist of carbs, and a thumb of fat every 3 hours
Men – 2 palms of protein, 2 fists of carbs, and a full thumb of fat every 3 hours

Here's a Jump Start plan to help you master your food in 2014.
Tip 3: Workout smarter

Once your mindset is 1%, and you’re eating in 3s, now you’re ready to maximally burn your body fat by optimizing your exercise. We all eventually quit workouts we're not enjoying, so here are two great ways to keep your workouts fun, challenging, and productive.

  • Do exercise you love. Nothing is worse than the boredom and monotony of walking on a treadmill every day or any mindless exercise. Find things you love to do. Maybe it's a sport like tennis, racquetball, basketball, or soccer. Maybe it's joining a running or cycling club. Maybe it's getting active with your family by going on hikes, playing pickup football games, or my favorite: rockin’ indoor trampoline dodgeball at Skyzone! My point is this…get out and explore your exercise and find activities you're passionate about and look forward to doing.
  • Activate your core. Whether you’re doing push-ups, cardio, cleaning the house, or sitting at your desk, using your core is the best way to stay strong, burn fat, and prevent injuries. Your fat is burned in your muscle, so the more muscle you use throughout the day, the more fat you burn.  Basically, your core starts right under your chest and ends about your mid-thigh. It’s comprised of your entire abdominal and hip region. Your core is involved in every movement, and the stronger your core the stronger your body and the more calories you burn. It's simple to activate your core: simply sit or stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and pull your belly button into your stomach and tighten all the muscles in your stomach and back. You'll feel a big difference when your core is activated and when it's not. Start practicing activating your core five times a day for 3–5 minutes. Then build up to five times a day for 10–15 minutes and, in no time, you'll be keeping your core tight all day long and making your body the powerful machine it is!

There you have it…3 easy tips to make 2014 the year you truly take back control of your health and kick all future weight loss resolutions to the curb!

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