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Jul 25, 2014

17 Distributorships in the Running for the Diamond Destination Promotion!

Distributorships from around the world are in the running for the Diamond Destination Promotion!

Each of the 17 distributorships listed below have a few requirements left to complete, but they are working hard toward qualifying for a world-class trip to Hawaii through this unprecedented promotion.

  • Carrie and Bo Van Pelt, Black Diamond Executive, U.S.
  • Vallo Arumäe, Black Diamond Executive, Estonia
  • Renita and Scott Brannan, White Diamond Executives, U.S.
  • Stacy and Kim White, Blue Diamond Executives, U.S.
  • Lucas Battistoni, White Diamond Executive, Brazil
  • Raphael Acioli, Purple Diamond Executive, Brazil
  • Allen Turner, Blue Diamond Executive, U.S.
  • Marcelo Sobral Alcaide, Blue Diamond Executive, Brazil
  • Kimihiko Takeda, Blue Diamond Executive, Japan
  • Naoki Negoro, Blue Diamond Executive, Japan
  • Czesława Pindera, Diamond Executive, Poland
  • Francisco Moraleda Ortiz, Diamond Executive, Spain
  • Joanna Ściebura, Diamond Executive, Poland
  • Azzedine Tebaa, Diamond Executive, France
  • Fernando M Cardoso Costa, Diamond Executive, Brazil
  • Akihiro Sawada, Purple Diamond Executive, Japan
  • Hiroyuki Karita, Blue Diamond Executive, Japan

Diamond Destination Promotion Details
This promotion is for any distributorship that has previously achieved the rank of Diamond, or above, but has not yet qualified for the 2014 Diamond Destination.

Here’s how to qualify:

  • Be paid at Diamond or above for any four weeks between June 20 and August 29, 2014
  • Personally sponsor three distributors on a minimum 200 PV AutoShip
  • Be Active, Qualified, and on AutoShip throughout the promotional period

Quiz time…did you catch this part: “Be paid at Diamond or above for any four weeks between June 20 and August 29”? Compared to the standard qualification requirements, this is an absolute can’t-miss opportunity. 

We hope to see you (and the distributors listed above) in Hawaii on our dime!

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