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Oct 5, 2009

Updated IDS Reflects 12,000 New Distributors Earning Commissions with MonaVie*

MonaVie’s updated Global Income Disclosure Statement (Mid-Year 2009) is now available online.

People all over the world are discovering the vast possibilities available through the MonaVie opportunity, including 12,000 additional distributors who are now earning commissions with MonaVie.

The income statistics revealed in the IDS are for all MonaVie Distributors who were paid bonuses during the period from July 4, 2008, to June 26, 2009, at the listed ranks, excluding rank advancement bonuses. The IDS provides high, low, and average weekly income information, as well as annualized averages, for the various ranks within the MonaVie Compensation Plan.

Download the Income Disclosure Statement.

* Global IDS (Mid-Year 2009) not applicable to Canada.

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