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Mar 1, 2010

Top Retailers Bonus Earners Announced

Congratulations to the recipients of the Top Retailers Bonus!*

The Top Retailers Bonus rewards distributors who achieve high retail sales (with a minimum of five sales to separate preferred customers) over a four-week period.

Gregory Draven receives a bonus of 4,000 GBU for having the most volume from Preferred Customer sales.

Christy Graves, Kelly Roth, and Terry and Alexis Sweatt were among the top four distributors who had the most volume from Preferred Customer sales, and receive a bonus of 2,000 GBU.

The following distributors have each earned an equal share of the Top Retailers Bonus pool—a cash bonus of more than US$460:

Miles Anderson
Christopher Anguay
Tamara and Michael Archer
Billy Brown
Chris and Maggie Bryant
Cheryl and David Buck
Dena Burch
Donna and Bruce Burdick
Jaysee Carsen
Doug Ciuba
Sherrie Clark
William Coakley
Terri and Max Coleman
Joshua Darling
Kaleinani Detjen
Gregory Draven
Keith Fontana
Igor Friedman
Shanti Garlock
Grace Garza
Bryan Gauvin
Christy Graves
Dennis Grettner
Eric Gutierrez
Mathias Hauck
Kristina Hillis
VMS Inc.
Herschel Johnson
Mary Ann Karlsson
Carmen Komish
Paul and Julie Livermore
Phillip Mariani
Kathleen Martin
Yann Mathieu
Marnie McCardle
Anthony and Sherrie McKnight
Soraya Forest Midgett
Loren Morgan
Shirley and Eric Morhet
Christian Neilson
Karin Odom
William Ogden
Christina Pegram
Debbie Penge
Justin Pisarski
Peggy Price
Raylene Pruitt
Rana Ratcliff
Yesmin Rivero
Clara Rohrer
Kelly Roth
Michael Santi
Wilhemina Smith
Joel Solomon
Kevin Sonsalla
Joan Soto
Hans St. Phard
Cynthia Strange
Terry and Alexis Sweatt
Prospero Tapia
Alain and Angel Tchurukdichian
Winston and Gwen Thomas
Ivanka Toneva
Dr. Lamarr Tyler
Chris and Kinga Wasiak
Steven Wiideman
Paige Wolcott
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* The Top Retailers Bonus is awarded to the top retailers worldwide and is not determined by country. Preferred Customer sales to the same shipping address or to the distributor’s shipping address do not qualify. Distributors do not need to be Active or Qualified to earn the Top Retailers Bonus.

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