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May 8, 2013

MonaVie Team Rider Raimi Merritt Wins Eighth Wakeboard World Cup Title

MonaVie Team Rider Raimi Merritt resumed her reign over professional women’s wakeboarding with her eighth world cup win last weekend at the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) Wakeboard World Cup in Palembang, Indonesia. Merritt had suffered a defeat at the last World Cup stop in Mandurah, Australia in March, but she roared back with a flawless ride in Indonesia.

“It feels awesome to come back to Palembang and take the win here again,” said Merritt. “The weather was beautiful in the finals, and everyone rode really well. I am so excited to have won my eighth World Cup stop in Indonesia; I can’t wait to come back.”

Jul 31, 2014

iPad Mini Promo Extended to August 23—Now Two Ways to Qualify!

Weren’t quite able to nab an iPad Mini in our first go-round of the iPad Mini Promo? Or, maybe you’re itching for the chance to win another one. Whatever the case may be, MonaVie is pleased to announce that it’s not too late to get your hands on a brand new iPad Mini by August 23, 2013, as we have extended the MonaVie iPad Mini Promo!

And, that’s not even the best part: We’re increasing your chances of winning by adding a whole new way to qualify! Check out the two paths that you can take to winning an iPad Mini, and then get started today:

Star Maker Path

May 6, 2013

Make Sure You’re On the List! Join Us for Black Tie Salt Lake City in August

If you’ve never been to a Black Tie Event, make sure you do everything in your power to get to this summer’s event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Not only do you get an evening of royal treatment courtesy of MonaVie—distinguished entertainment, a supreme dining experience, and more—you get to spend it with a special guest of your choosing as well as with a close family of MonaVie leaders like you.

The deadline to qualify is August 16, 2013, so review the requirements today and see what you can do to join the following distributors who have already qualified for this extraordinary event:

Salt Lake City Black Tie Event Qualifiers


Apr 23, 2013

Quest for Gold Winners—Denice and Dave Sincock

Congratulations to Denice and Dave Sincock from Alta Loma, California, on becoming Quest for Gold winners! As Quest for Gold winners, Denice and Dave have won:

  • Two roundtrip airline tickets to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Two tickets to 2013 Salt Lake City Conference
  • Special seating throughout the Conference
  • Admission to the Black Tie Event
  • Photo with MonaVie Founders

Apr 15, 2013

New Diamond Executives—Lee and Velma Davis

Congratulations to Lee and Velma Davis, from Santa Maria, California, on achieving the rank of Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Velma and I first became aware of MonaVie when we were gifted a bottle of juice in July 2008 and absolutely loved it. We both come from traditional career backgrounds. Velma had 28 years in government contracting and had just recently taken an early retirement due to multiple sclerosis. I had 35 years in sales, marketing, and customer relationship management. We were engaged in another opportunity in the early 90s, so we understood the business model. You help others build this business once; build it the right way, and you’ll get paid over and over again.  

Apr 1, 2013

Presidential Black Diamonds Holly and Corbin Roush Featured in United Networker Magazine. Download Today!

Nearly eight years ago, Holly Roush was managing the demanding lifestyle of a stay-at-home mom raising three young sons while her husband Corbin was navigating a successful career in corporate America. They had zero experience in network marketing and seemingly no time to pursue their dreams with MonaVie when they were introduced to this company and industry.

Sound familiar?

Mar 25, 2013

New Ruby Executive—Alfonso De Nova

Congratulations to Alfonso De Nova from Los Angeles, California, on achieving the rank of Ruby Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“My road to Ruby has been an adventure since day one. It just seems like yesterday I was working at a job looking for a mentor to sign up with. Thankfully, I came across Mark Berry. I shared with him my dreams, goals, and vision with MonaVie. Not only did we have the same vision, but he treated me like family. Thank you, Mr. Berry and your family, for the faith and support.

Mar 4, 2013

New Gold Executive—Enrique Gardea

Congratulations to Enrique Gardea from South Gate, California, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“My journey to Gold has been simple but not easy. Of course I have struggles because success is a challenge. But, my dream is so huge that no obstacle has been too big for me to overcome. Leadership is everything, and what has helped the most is that I believe, I’m teachable and coachable, and I’m hungry to make it. I also believe that my goal to be the youngest Triple Crowne Black Diamond in MonaVie gives me the vision to see the end in my mind already. So, my everyday activities are geared 100 percent toward helping me be the person I must become to achieve that goal, as well as my ultimate goal to be the greatest in the profession of network marketing.

Feb 11, 2013

New Ruby Executive—Tim Lee

Congratulations to Tim Lee from San Francisco, California, on achieving the rank of Ruby Executive. Here’s what he had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“I got involved with MonaVie because MonaVie products put powerful antioxidants and necessary phytonutrients to work for my body. Becoming a Ruby Executive has made me even more excited about the future of my business. 

“I want to thank every member of my team for making my participation in the upcoming Cruise for Gold trip possible. I am grateful to my sponsor, Ping Zhou, and my upline leaders, Jimmy Mak, Huey Wang, and Renee Yu, who dedicate themselves to lead and provide generous support. I will continue to use the leaders’ success stories as an inspiration as I pursue my goals.”

Jan 24, 2013

Congratulations to Black Tie Orlando Top Enrollers Winners!

MonaVie congratulates the following distributors who earned their way into the Black Tie Orlando event by enrolling the most new distributors at 500 PV or greater between September 1, 2012, and January 18, 2013:

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