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Jan 10, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Matt and Shari McCants

Congratulations to Matt and Shari McCants from Urbandale, Iowa, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"When a friend called me three and a half years ago and asked me to check out this product and opportunity, I never knew I would find my passion and purpose in life in a bottle of juice. My husband thought I was crazy. He did succumb quickly and tried the juice after about 60 days. Then, he said 'Get it paid for!' I said, 'You got it baby!'

"My upline hosted a small contest to see who could sponsor the most people before a big tasting. I won by sponsoring eight people in a week. Matt then got to spend some one-on-one time with Corbin Roush who answered 1,000 questions in 45 minutes. Matt jumped on board. Matt had been suggesting (telling) me that I needed a job once the kids started elementary school. That was not in the cards, as I do not want to be the two-income-never-at-home family. I want to put my kids on the bus in the morning and greet them after school. I want to be able to go to their extra activities. MonaVie has allowed me to do this!

"The reason we love MonaVie is twofold: First, we have met so many great friends and likeminded people that have allowed us to form great relationships. Second, we love that the products and business model is built around helping people with health and wellness physically, financially, and spiritually. This is what MonaVie is all about to us.

"The MonaVie business for us has been up and down over the past couple of years. Customers come and go, or as we say, 'Some will; some won't. Oh well, some will!' This past summer, my husband was put in a position to look for another a job after 17 years with a company. Shortly thereafter, I lost my father quite quickly to melanoma. This meant that we had to divert our focus from MonaVie and place it on my mom, my brothers, and the family farm.

"With all of these changes in short order, it seemed like life was out to get us. Once we had the opportunity to look back and assess the situation, we realized that God was with us all the while. Matt lost his job, but that just freed his time for the more important family obligations that we were confronted with. I had a MonaVie business that kept working without me. That is the beauty of this business. As summer faded, Matt started a new full-time job. Family obligations began to settle. Kids went back to school. And, we turned back to our MonaVie business. Some things happen according to God's plan, not ours. Our advice for anyone taking this journey is don't quit!

"When we heard of the Cruise for Gold, we began to focus on the business to again achieve the rank of Gold. I knew we had to do it. In the middle of all the summer chaos was our 10th anniversary, and we were not able to take a trip. This was the perfect answer: a MonaVie cruise paid for by our work together on a tight budget.

"In Iowa, we are all about team. Our upline and downline have our back, and they are the reason we achieved this rank. We have a very special team. We all work well together. We love the business opportunity of MonaVie. We love helping people find their dreams and achieving their goals. We are looking forward to meeting more people on the cruise and learning from the best in the industry. We are so excited about MonaVie 2.0. We are ready to take our business to the next level and achieve our dreams. We are Matt and Shari McCants, and we are MonaVie!"

Jan 9, 2012

New Diamond Executives—Eric and Amy Klein

Congratulations to Eric and Amy Klein from Frankfort, Illinois, on achieving the rank of Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“The last nine months have been an amazing journey for me and my wife. We would have never imagined that we would receive so much from MonaVie. We’ve not only received more financial stability, but more importantly, we have made some great new relationships and have been able to help so many others do the same. MonaVie has truly changed our lives.

“We could not have done this on our own, so we would like to recognize our amazing team. After joining MonaVie, we quickly realized what a great team we joined with an unbelievable upline. Steve and Gina Merritt  have come to Chicago on multiple occasions to help our team. These unbelievable leaders continue to help and lead by example.

“We also thank Jerry Dowd, Jeff Delaney, and Eric and Dana Kosel for all their daily help. Eric is there for us no matter what! With such a great group of leaders, it’s been easy to succeed. We have also been blessed with an awesome downline. There are too many to mention, but I do have to thank Tracie and Frankie Pretzel for all their hard work and sacrifices. Thanks to all!

“How do you succeed in MonaVie? It is very simple and you have heard it a hundred times: duplicate everything that is working for others. It is that simple. Plug into your upline. Do not do anything differently. This seems so obvious, but knowing and doing are two different things. Master the basics. As the old poker saying goes, ‘five minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.’ Just keep plugging away by sharing the plan to everyone and never quitting.

“The last thing you need to succeed in MonaVie or anything is an indestructible personality. Successful people realize the game is never over until they win. Just keep playing until you win. Successful people truly believe they can have, be, or do anything they want. If you can do those few things, then you will come to realize the champion inside you. The only thing stopping you is you.”

Jan 5, 2012

Chris Morris Takes MonaVie to the Extreme

Chris Morris, son of Cruise for Gold qualifiers Lisa and Nick Morris, takes MonaVie to the extreme. Check out this exciting, fast-paced video and learn how Chris fuels his body for competition with MonaVie RVL®, MonaVie (M)mūn®, and MonaVie EMV®!

Jan 4, 2012

Your MonaVie Success Begins Here: Why You Should Attend MonaVie 2.0

Get ready for a master class on how to succeed in MonaVie. Find out from Randy Schroeder, former Black Diamond Executive and current MonaVie president of Europe and Middle East, why attending MonaVie 2.0 in Dallas is key to your success.

Click here to learn more about MonaVie 2.0.

Jan 3, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—John and Erika Atkinson

Congratulations to John and Erika Atkinson from White Horse, Yukon, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"My husband's electrical course instructor introduced him to MonaVie. One day, he came home sharing his excitement about a fantastic opportunity. I wasn't excited at the time, didn't even want to look at it. He had to ask me eight times before I gave in. We were short on money and time, and my health wasn't the greatest due to stress. I had been running a dog obedience school and an event decor business for many years; and, although I was passionate about my profession, self-employment wasn't getting us where we wanted to be.

"MonaVie had the answers for all of our challenges. When I realized what gift we had our hands on, I was onboard 100 percent and super exited! We never had any experience in this field, but it didn't matter. MonaVie did all the thinking, innovating, and systematizing for us. All we had to do was get on the MonaVie bus.

"People thought we were crazy for building this business in the Yukon, which is so isolated from the mainstream of things. But, Mark Crawford, our Black Diamond upline, showed up in Whitehorse several times to get us started and has supported us ever since. We knew in our hearts MonaVie was special in every way and that every person on the planet needs this product.

"In a few months of being on the product, my health improved. I found a new source of energy, vitality, and hope that we had to share with others. MonaVie is a very rewarding lifestyle for us. We love this company, the product, and the cause. Participating in this cruise is exciting because it's yet another gift from MonaVie and we get to associate with likeminded, inspiring people.

"Because we have an international opportunity, we can help family and friends in Hungary where MonaVie opened recently. Building the business allows us to travel back to my homeland and realize a longtime dream of helping people in less wealthy countries by bringing them hope, better health, and an exceptional opportunity."

Jan 3, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Darryl and Sheryl Burkhardt

Congratulations to Darryl and Sheryl Burkhardt from Boring, Oregon, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"We were introduced to MonaVie by a friend, Keith Winsell. When he suggested I try a bottle, I didn't give it a second thought. I took it home and consumed it. It's kind of funny: I drank the bottle and remember telling my wife, 'well, that was tasty,' threw the empty bottle out, and went on as usual. Well, the next week it dawned on me that I had been recognizing positive effects. It was then that I called Keith and told him to get me some more.

"In six months, my wife and kids and I had fallen in love with the product. We were consuming three or more cases a month. Keith came back around and said we could get our juice for free. We thought that sounded great and asked how to do that. He said we simply had to tell our family and friends and they too would want the product. The rest, as they say, is history.

"We love the business and view it as an exit strategy from our traditional business. We have a great team and the best leadership in the business. We are so grateful to our sponsors, Keith and Jennifer Winsell. We know this cruise is going to be a game-changer for us and help elevate us to the next level. We give thanks to God for bringing MonaVie into our lives. We give thanks to MonaVie for providing us with such a great product and now the cruise. We thank our team. We love them all and look forward to helping as many of them as possible achieve their hopes and dreams."

Jan 3, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Michele Yakashiro

Congratulations to Michele Yakashiro from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what she had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"I joined MonaVie almost four years ago thanks to my mom, Mandy. My journey started when I had significant health issues in November of 2007. My wise mom offered me the juice knowing the importance of antioxidants, and I drank MonaVie like any good daughter would. MonaVie represented hope during that frightening time. I was unaware of the world-class business opportunity offered by MonaVie until I dropped in on a home presentation at my parents' home.

"During that presentation my mom's long-time friend, Jan Prpich, explained the business. Needless to say I was excited then, and I am even more excited now! Fast forward four years, and MonaVie has only added to (and never taken away from) the compensation plan. The Cruise for Gold proves this. The generosity that MonaVie shows its distributors amazes me!

"I've been blessed with a dynamic team of leaders who are continually developing themselves and others around them. I love, appreciate, and respect every one of them. I would not be where I am in the business or the person I am without you all! I also have an amazing upline mentor, Jan Prpich, who consistently pours her wisdom and love into our team. I thank God for them every day.

"Since MonaVie has been in my life for almost four years now, I've begun to compare my journey to my life as a varsity athlete. I started university excited to get onto the soccer field and make some noise. Similarly, with MonaVie I was eager to get my business going. At the age of 21 and within my first year in the business, I achieved the rank of Gold Executive. However, I soon realized that there were other players who had been in the game longer and who had developed the habits, characteristics, and skills that led to their continued success. During my first and second year of university, I spent a lot of time on the bench—a place no one wants to be. Inevitably, my ego took a hit.

"Similarly, I have been at Gold Executive for three years. During that time on the bench, I had two choices to make: throw in the towel or get to work. Some of you might be sitting on the bench in the game of MonaVie watching your teammates playing on the field, achieving goals, and advancing in rank. While you are happy for them, you need to get in the game! You need to be making the calls. You need to be supporting your team. You need to plan one-on-ones. You need to be following up. After I started doing the activities to increase my soccer skills, I became a starting player in my final years at university.

"The beauty of community commerce is that you have no choice but to develop yourself. Don't quit and sell yourself short of who you can become! My hope and prayer is that you make a decision in your business—whether it's to begin and maintain a certain activity, advance in rank, or donate to the MORE Project! I decided that the Cruise for Gold ship wasn't leaving without me, and I'm so thankful I followed through! Do not quit on yourself. You deserve the very best, and MonaVie is ready and willing to provide!"

Dec 28, 2011

In Loving Memory of Ms. Ruth, Beloved MonaVie Distributor

On Christmas Day, MonaVie lost a dear distributor, Ms. Ruth from Addison, Michigan. At 99 years of age, Ms. Ruth was perhaps one of the most elderly MonaVie distributors in the world. But, age did not keep her from living and enjoying life to its fullest potential. The MonaVie Executive Team and corporate staff expresses our gratitude to Ms. Ruth for being a vibrant example of what it means to live A More Meaningful Life. We also offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Below is a warm tribute from Gold Executive Ann Morton on what Ms. Ruth meant to her and to MonaVie…

"Ms. Ruth enrolled in MonaVie in January 2010 and immediately received great results with MonaVie Pulse. She joined her daughter for a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, that March. While at that conference, she fell in love with the people and company and immediately registered for another MonaVie event scheduled for the following August. She said then that she was going to build this business.

"At that meeting, we celebrated her 98th birthday on August 20, 2010. She immediately became an inspiration to many MonaVie distributors. People would stop us constantly to get a picture with her. She out-walked many, and I remember having to force her to stop and rest for some of the long walks from the room to the convention center.

"She lived in Addison, Michigan, (population 500) but came to Greenville, South Carolina, five months out of the year to stay warm and be with her daughter. Ms. Ruth reached the rank of Star 1,000 in a very small town, while living alone, with no computer, and without driving; she loved people and believed in the product! She was passionate about MonaVie and loved Dallin and Brig.

"She will surely be missed by our team, and I will miss her tremendously for the great zest for life she always brought when she entered any room."

Dec 23, 2011

130 Distributors Qualify for Trip to the Bahamas!

When we put the Cruise for Gold Promotion together, we set out to reward blossoming leaders for the hard work they put in day in and day out. We couldn’t have anticipated the many forms the rewards that would follow would take. For example, the promotion gave a mother the opportunity to stay home with her child, and it gave a father the chance to give more to his own son and help other fathers do the same. It brought a family closer together through the most unlikely of sources—a business opportunity. It even allowed a family to adopt a beautiful daughter into their home.

"Congratulations to everyone who qualified for this exceptional trip! If you haven't already, I strongly encourage you to go read all of their stories by visiting the Cruise for Gold Qualifiers page at MonaVie Media Center. Find out what these new leaders in MonaVie did on a daily basis to grow their businesses and qualify themselves for Cruise for Gold. I think what you'll find is that you too have the ability and resources to achieve the same success in your own community and circle of influence. And, if you missed your opportunity this time, don't worry! I will be making a very important announcement in Dallas, Texas, at the MonaVie 2.0 Launch. You won't want to miss it!"

Jeff Graham, President of North America Sales

Dec 20, 2011

New Blue Diamond Executives—Kenny and Stephanie Kuhnhofer

Congratulations to Kenny and Stephanie Kuhnhofer from Ventura, California, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“We got involved in MonaVie in May 2008 during a time that Stephanie and I were experiencing some of the worst financial times of our marriage. Our construction company was at an all-time low, and we needed a Plan B. We never would have dreamed it would come in the form of a bottle.

“Our business partner, Blue Diamond Byron Moles, had been talking to me about this company for about six months. One evening my brother-in-law, Diamond Al Sanchez, came to my home and asked me if I knew anything about MonaVie. Our interest was piqued. The next day Byron picked me up and introduced me to a couple of guys named Rob Alwin and Todd Hartog. That was the beginning.

“When we said ‘yes,’ we didn’t mean ‘we’re going to try this,’ or ‘we’ll give it six months and see.’ There was enough evidence to understand that the product, management team, and compensation plan are solid. As business owners, Stephanie and I knew it was up to us to roll up our sleeves and go to work. Still running our construction business, we worked MonaVie when we could. The most important reason for our success has been the consistent 10 to 15 hours a week we put into our MonaVie business.

“All we understood at the beginning was the product worked, it tasted great, and people from all walks of life were making money. The rest was a learn-as-you-go deal. Ninety percent of this business is being true to your word and building tight relationships with your leaders. Stephanie and I have not set any speed records or done anything unusually great. We just went to work and stayed consistent like any business owner would. On December 9, 2011, we finished our final week of Blue Diamond thanks to our amazing team. Looking back now, we were led to MonaVie because of a bad situation. The relationships, experiences, and personal development have been priceless. God had a plan for us.”


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