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Mar 18, 2009


MonaVie distributor, Maureen McCarthy, shares her indomitable spirit and amazing outlook on life in this inspiring video created by her 15-year-old daughter, Kate.

Click here to watch the video entitled “Breathtaking.”

Mar 18, 2009

MonaVie Kosher Has Arrived in Israel

The wait for MonaVie Kosher in Israel is almost over!

MonaVie is pleased to announce that MonaVie Kosher has arrived in Israel. This news adds considerable excitement to our Tel Aviv City Meeting on April 5, 2009—the same day in which Israeli distributors can purchase and pickup the product.

Tickets for the Tel Aviv City Meeting are still available. Be sure to reserve your spot in advance on our registration website.

A future announcement will soon provide details on where and how Israeli distributors can get their hands on a bottle of MonaVie Kosher.

Mar 18, 2009

Pickup Center ID and Product Release Policy

MonaVie reminds you to please have valid photo identification on hand when you pick up your orders at a MonaVie Pickup Center. If you do not have a photo ID, please have available two additional forms of valid identification as well as your distributor ID or order number.

This policy is in place for your security and to ensure product is released only to authorized distributors. We greatly appreciate your assistance.

Mar 18, 2009

MonaVie Introduces New Bottle Packaging

MonaVie is pleased to introduce new, energy efficient bottle packaging for all MonaVie juice products.

Made from 100% recycled materials, the new bottle packaging reinforces MonaVie's ongoing commitment to being environmentally conscious. Preliminary tests have demonstrated that the new packaging protects MonaVie bottles four times more effectively than previous packaging.

Orders with the new bottle packaging have already begun shipping—another great reason to open your upcoming orders of MonaVie juice products!

Mar 18, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Royal Black Diamonds—Scott and Sue Olsen

Congratulations to Scott and Sue Olsen from Alpine, Utah, on achieving the rank of Royal Black Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"We are thrilled to see the growth within MonaVie since we became the first distributors. That day in July 2003, when we met with Dallin Larsen, Randy Larsen, and Henry Marsh to discuss the vision of what this company would become, was a visionary day. We all believed then as we do today. One thing still remains the same: It is not enough to see the vision; we must become the vision.

"This journey has been one of perseverance and determination for us. Perseverance is not an issue of talent or time; it is about finishing what you start. Talent provides hope for accomplishment, but perseverance guarantees it. Thousands of people have talent. The one and only thing that counts is staying power. Do you have the staying power?

"Becoming Royal Black Diamonds has been another step along this road. Like many of you, we have made sacrifices and adjustments in our business along the way. We are proud to be associated with MonaVie and all of its distributors everywhere. We have been privileged to work with many people from the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. This has been a team effort. No one person can advance in MonaVie and in life without the joint effort of many people. We are grateful for everyone who has shared this journey with us.

"We look forward to many years of great relationships and celebrating your successes as we all build MonaVie around the world. Thank you to all the employees and corporate officers for all you have done to be a part of this great achievement for the Olsen family."

Mar 18, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—Bill and Ana Erb

Congratulations to Bill and Ana Erb from Concord, California, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"Our road to Blue Diamond has been one blessing after another. Our sponsors, Arthur and Adriana Gonzales, did not pester us or give up on us after we told them 'no way' for five months. That was imperative to me deciding to give this a go. Once I made that decision, this amazing product took over.

"For years, I've told friends about great books I've read, good movies I've seen, or great deals at the store. It would be out of character for me to not share something as wonderful as MonaVie with everyone I know. My husband became compelled to check this out after watching me share this amazing product with my friends and listening to their excitement after they started drinking it. We are blessing many people, and they are blessing us with their stories of success and their excitement about their newly bright futures with MonaVie.

"Setting our egos aside and leaving the creativity to our proven leaders has been the key to our success. Our willingness to become students and not trying to reinvent the wheel has benefited us and our team. We believe that anything else would be putting other people's futures at risk. We decided from the beginning not to take that gamble.

"The executive team, the product, and the wonderful compensation plan make MonaVie unique and great. This is the only opportunity we have ever seen where everyone can become as successful as they make up their minds to be."

Mar 18, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—Matt and Anna Mason

Congratulations to Matt and Anna Mason from Orlando, Florida, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"Our journey to Blue Diamond has been one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges of our lives. I was so impressed the day I heard Dallin Larsen speak in Orlando. I was blown away by his character, his vision for the company, and his love for God. That was the day that I knew MonaVie was the answer to my prayers. After Dallin spoke, we were 'all in.'

"We owe a lot to our incredible upline, especially Blue Diamonds Kevin and Karen Thayer. Their patience and support allowed us to get through the challenges. Finally, we owe so much to Brig Hart, who has been one of the most influential leaders in our lives. He is teaching us how to help others lead a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life. From Brig, we learned how important it is to follow a system for building this business. Brig has everything already laid out for us; we just have to have faith and do the activities."

Mar 18, 2009

Compliance Corner—Sales Tools

MonaVie would like to provide a brief refresher course on our sales tools policies as they appear in our Statement of Policies and Procedures.

As you brush up on the following guidelines, please remember that all of the sales tools mentioned below must first be approved by the Compliance department:

  • In international markets, Diamond Executives and above distributors may create websites. (For more information, please refer to Addendum A in your market's Statement of Policies and Procedures.)
  • In all markets, Black Diamond Executives and above distributors may create replicated websites and sales tools.

When creating your own approved sales tools, you may not modify any corporate-produced sales tools. Corporate-produced sales tools may not be altered from their original forms.

In addition, all of MonaVie's literature, audiotapes, videotapes, Internet website material, and programs are copyrighted and may be duplicated only by obtaining prior written consent. To learn more, please refer to the sections on Copyrighted Materials and Proprietary Names of the Statement of Policies and Procedures.

MonaVie's Statement of Policies and Procedures can be found in the Document Library of your Virtual Office.

Mar 18, 2009

I Just Had to Tell Someone!

The usual Friday routine for MonaVie Gold Executive David Williamson produced some not-so-usual results on March 20, 2009—perhaps, a first-ever for MonaVie. Here's what happened, according to David:

"Every Friday, I fly home from Dallas. I'm always branded with the MonaVie logo, and this particular day was no exception. As I boarded the plane, a flight attendant noticed my logo and said to me, 'That's good stuff.' I asked her if she had ever tried a gel pack and handed her one.

"The man next to me, Dan, asked, 'What is MonaVie?' Well, you know what happened next. As Dan and I talked, we were told that our airplane was one of four airplanes testing in-flight Wi-Fi. Then, it hit me! I turned to Dan and asked, 'How would you like to be the first MonaVie distributor to sign up at 29,000 feet?' He logged in and signed up, and I just had to tell someone!"

Mar 9, 2009

Special Message from Dallin Larsen MonaVie Stimulus Package—A Program for Financial Freedom through Personal Responsibility

Dear MonaVie Family,

What an amazing start to 2009! Congratulations to each and every one of you for taking personal responsibility for your health and wealth through MonaVie. Thanks to your efforts, a record number of people joined the MonaVie family in the month of February, taking advantage of our free enrollment offer.

As markets around the world continue their downward spiral and as the talking heads on television continue to forecast their predictions of doom and gloom, MonaVie marches on. Isn't it amazing that the more people talk about how bad things are, the worse things become? Maybe we will start MonaVie TV and talk about families and people who are thriving in this economy despite the horrendous performance of many of our so-called prestigious financial institutions, and some of our elected and previously elected officials.

Please understand that in making these statements, I am in no way downplaying the incredible burden placed upon people around the world during these challenging economic times. I don't claim to be an economist; nor am I attempting to espouse any particular political persuasion. I don't especially like politics, but I do enjoy leading a company that provides hope and helps create freedom for people. I enjoy being surrounded by people who are willing to finish what they start, rather than playing politics with people's livelihoods.

Raised in a small community in the farmlands of Idaho, I was taught by my parents as a young child not to go into debt for anything outside of a mortgage, and to earn something before I buy it. They showed me a verse of scripture as a teenager that said something along the lines of: by the sweat of thy brow shalt thou labor, all the days of thy life. They taught me that although "work" is a four letter word, I would learn it, and therefore, be required to earn it! It's a lesson that apparently wasn't followed very well by many of the world's top banking institutions. Hence, the current economic situation.

So now what do we do? Before I answer that question, I must say that all the pundits around the world who for decades have shrugged off or laughed at the notion of direct selling hopefully now have a greater appreciation for what I believe is the finest business model on earth! In the MonaVie model, you don't get it before you earn it; however, you can earn while you learn. It's beautiful, and more importantly, it's principled.

In part, by trying to follow some of the simple wisdom I learned from my parents, the spirit and culture of MonaVie is thriving. We've become a beacon of hope and light, and an example of what can be accomplished through persistence, determination, and commitment, and by staying true to core principles.

While the United States Government was introducing their trillion dollar stimulus package (which I think would have been more effective if they had simply sent each American family $1 million,* but what do I know? I'm just a farm boy from Idaho), MonaVie was busy creating our own Stimulus Package. We never have waited—nor will we ever wait—on government to solve our problems. The greatest ideas in the world have always come from the citizens of each country, and I think at MonaVie we've got a few pretty good ideas that can help families in need.

MonaVie Stimulus Package—A Program for Financial Freedom through Personal Responsibility

  • MonaVie Coming to You. Rather than asking you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on travel, we're coming to you in 2009 with increased City and Regional Meetings. We'd rather you spend that travel money on your tasting parties!
  • Free Enrollment Promotions. We waived the enrollment fee for February and had such success with this promotion that we extended it through March as well. Although the enrollment fee is only $39, this promotion has proven a great boon to our distributors. It's never been easier to join MonaVie! Keep sharing the juice.
  • Annual Renewal Fee Waived for 2009. The annual renewal fee helps cover real costs, such as operating your Virtual Office, providing tools, and managing your distributorship each year. However, we decided to waive this $20 fee for 2009 because we believe the increased participation gained will help to offset this cost. Again, we hope you'll spend this extra money on additional MonaVie tasting parties!
  • First Order Bonus. We've made it easier to earn this bonus. Distributors no longer need to be qualified to be eligible for this bonus; you need only be active. See the compensation plan for complete details.
  • Star Maker Bonus. We extended the Star Maker Bonus to include qualified distributors active with at least 100 PV. Previously this bonus was only available to qualified distributors active with at least 200 PV. See the compensation plan for complete details.
  • Black Diamond and above Qualification. We are rolling back the requirements to reach Black, Royal, Presidential, Imperial, and Crowne Black Diamond to meeting the individual rank requirements for four consecutive weeks, rather than six and eight weeks. It's now more attainable!
  • Expanding Our Borders. In the first half of this year alone, we will be opening Israel and Mexico to help grow your business internationally. In addition, plans for the latter part of 2009 call for the opening of the UK, Poland, and the Netherlands. This will bring the number of markets in which you can build your MonaVie business to 14, through the global and seamless MonaVie Compensation Plan.

This world is starving for bold, principle-based leadership, and we're going to continue answering the call! Here's a secret to success: Find out what the masses are doing and do just the opposite. It's time for people to stand up and say to a world that is heading south that we're heading north, and to jump on this train because there's more room. It's time for MonaVie to step up and step out. It's time for us to do, be, give, and become MORE!

MonaVie continues to lead the way in the Direct Selling Industry, marching toward becoming a $20 billion company in 20 years. We are blessing the lives of people around the world, one bottle and one relationship at a time. It's a recipe for success because it's based on sound business and ethical principles, principles that never go out of style and will never need to be bailed out.

Be Exceptional!

Dallin A. Larsen
Founder and President, MonaVie

*Actually, I've changed my mind. I would not want $1 million sent to every family because they would not have earned it. I'd rather they learn and earn through MonaVie until they've achieved financial freedom by the sweat of their brow.

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