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Apr 6, 2009

MonaVie-Cannondale Creates a Buzz at Sea Otter Classic

[Monterey, Calif.] - April 27, 2009 - The MonaVie-Cannondale cycling team recently participated in the 19th Annual Sea Otter Classic, April 16–19, 2009, in Monterey, California. The four-day "Celebration of Sport" is considered the world's largest cycling festival, hosting nearly 10,000 professional and amateur athletes and 50,000 fans.

The MonaVie booth was one of the more popular attractions at the event, as MonaVie-Cannondale poured 6,480 individual shots of MonaVie Active and MonaVie Pulse with the help of some amazing MonaVie distributors and models. In addition, MonaVie-Cannondale team members fielded interviews from several cycling publications, including VeloNews, Bicycling Magazine, and Cyclingnews.

"MonaVie was the topic of conversation," said Matt Ohran, MonaVie-Cannondale team member. "We overheard people talking about MonaVie everywhere we went. It was amazing!"

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Apr 5, 2009

2009 Ruby Fly-In Schedule

With our next Ruby Fly-In on the horizon in July, MonaVie would like to update you on our remaining 2009 Ruby Fly-In schedule.

Upcoming Ruby Fly-In Dates:

  • July 15-18, 2009 (Qualification deadline is March 27, 2009)
  • September 30-October 3, 2009 (Qualification deadline is July 25, 2009)

The Ruby Fly-In is one of our favorite incentive trips because of the quaint, festive atmosphere the Zermatt Resort & Spa provides. In addition to receiving recognition, training, and personal time with MonaVie's executive team, Ruby Fly-In retreats are an opportunity for Ruby-level distributors and above to sample the area's top activities, including golfing, hiking, shopping, spa treatments, and much more.

Apr 5, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—Todd and Chris Miller

Congratulations to Todd and Chris Miller from Westerville, Ohio, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"Our MonaVie journey has been an amazing blessing from God. When our best friend, Becky Pitman, introduced us to MonaVie three years ago, we were very skeptical; however, we soon fell in love with the product, the opportunity, and the company. We are so proud and blessed to be a part of MonaVie.

"We made a commitment to hold weekly tasting parties and to stay consistent. Quitting was never an option. When we became Ruby Executives, Todd lost his job of 10 years.  We are so incredibly grateful that we had a 'back-up plan' in place. Our lives would be so different without MonaVie.

"We thank the corporate team for their integrity and vision. We also give a special thanks to our good friends, and Mike and Becky Pitman. None of this would be possible without our incredible team. Becoming Blue Diamonds is not about us; it is a reflection of the quality of our team.

"MonaVie levels the playing field. There is no limit to what you can achieve with consistent and persistent effort. We love that the only way to succeed is to help and serve others. We truly believe we have what people are looking for—a vehicle that can bless people both physically and financially. In these tough economic times, people are praying for an opportunity. They don't realize it is going to come in the form of juice. It's our job to share it with them.

"Take the focus off of yourself, and help others. Plug into your upline, be coachable, and make a commitment. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Determine your 'why,' set your activity goals, and get to work.  Do something every day to move your business forward. Whatever you do, don't quit!"

Apr 5, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—Shawn and Chrystal Lyons

Congratulations to Shawn and Chrystal Lyons from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"When we started MonaVie, Shawn was an oil rigger. He was away from home 20-30 days at a time. It was very difficult for our family and for Shawn to be away from our two beautiful little girls. We were praying for an opportunity. When our sponsors, Ronn and Jan Prpich, introduced us to MonaVie, Shawn knew this was the answer to our prayers.

"Shawn has since left the oil fields and is now the 'juice man.' It has set our family free. We are so thankful to Ronn and Jan for thinking of us. We think of ourselves as hope brokers offering hope for better health and wealth.

"We followed our amazing upline, Al and Sherry Huva and Steve and Gina Merritt. We committed to do everything they do (tastings, tastings, and more tastings) because they are tremendously successful. Follow your active, successful upline, and stay plugged in. When you help people get what they want, you will naturally get what you want. Al and Sherry often tell us that they believe in us, and that makes all the difference. Remember to pass on those encouraging words to your teams.

"We feel so blessed to be a part of a company that has the most amazing leadership. Believe in yourself. There will be days you feel like giving up, but remember to keep your eyes on your vision. Stay focused, and you will succeed. If we can do it, anyone can!"

Apr 5, 2009

Registration Still Open for Orlando Regional Meeting

Seats are still available for our upcoming Regional Meeting in Orlando, Florida, Saturday, April 18, 2009,
9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Admission is US$25. Click here to register online.

Reserve your seat at this dynamic event today!

Apr 4, 2009

Watch the MonaVie Orlando Webcast

Click Here To Join The Webcast

Due to the overwhelming response from distributors around the world, we are pleased to announce that MonaVie will broadcast the Orlando Regional Meeting via live webcast on Saturday, April 18, 2009, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (EST).

If you were unable to reserve your seat to the meeting, you’ll still have the opportunity to hear from the MonaVie Executive team as well as top distributor leaders and other special guests. What’s more is that the meeting will be simultaneously translated in multiple languages, including Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish!

To view the webcast, you will first need to set up a user account. This process takes only a few minutes and is absolutely free.

Please click here to watch the Orlando Regional webcast.

Apr 3, 2009

MonaVie Mexico

MonaVie proporciona grandes herramientas para su negocio

Con nuestro lanzamiento en México en puerta, MonaVie tiene el placer de proporcionarle grandes herramientas para su negocio, que ya disfrutan los Distribuidores en otros de nuestros mercados. Esto incluye una innovadora manera de recibir compensaciones y comprar producto en moneda local.

Cada servicio le proporciona seguridad personal y estarán disponibles una vez que se haga el lanzamiento en México. Los exhortamos a que se tomen un tiempo para aprender como estos servicios pueden ayudarles a manejar su negocio.

MonaVie Commissions
Pago de los Productos MonaVie
Presentando pago de impuestos

Activando su MonaVie Commissions Account

MonaVie Commissions, nuestro eficiente sistema de pago en línea, proporciona cómodamente acceso seguro a sus compensaciones como Distribuidor MonaVie.

Una vez que obtenga su primera compensación de MonaVie, recibirá el correo electrónico correspondiente de MonaVie Commissions notificándole que monto ha sido enviado a su cuenta.* Aquí empieza la activación de su MonaVie Commissions con una serie de pasos:

  1. Entrar al link del correo electronico a:
  2. Presionar en Activate Account
  3. Ingresar su número de identificación como Distribuidor MonaVie y su fecha de nacimiento.
  4. Seguir las instrucciones en la pantalla, e introducir su CLABE cuando sea solicitada.

(Nota: Para cambiar el idioma, presione en el botón de LOGIN, seleccione español en el menú que se despliega a la derecha, y después navegue hacia atrás hasta la página de inicio.)

Una vez que esté registrado, podrá transferir sus fondos a la cuenta de su elección. MonaVie Commissions le permitirá también la comodidad de fijar, automáticamente, transferencias semanales o mensuales de sus fondos, o siempre que el saldo de su cuenta alcance un monto específico.

Otros beneficios de MonaVie Commissions incluyen:

  • En vivo, acceso las 24 horas a los pagos de las compensaciones.
  • Una manera de rastrear sus ingresos y transacciones
  • Facilidad para bajar la información a una hoja de cálculo de Microsoft Excel
  • Una herramienta de cambio para convertir ganancias en moneda extranjera, como referencia.

Lo exhortamos a aprender el sistema a través de las instrucciones visuales paso a paso disponibles en la sección de View Demos y leyendo los temas resumidos en la sección de FAQs (preguntas frecuentes).

Si usted ha obtenido una compensación y no ha recibido un correo electrónico de notificación, o tiene preguntas adicionales, por favor llame al servicio de Apoyo al Distribuidor al 001 866 984-8398 (sin costo) o envíe un correo electrónico a

También puede ver los detalles de los pagos de sus compensaciones cada semana accesando a su Oficina Virtual. Presione Member Info y después Past History bajo “Commissions.”

* Este aviso es enviado a su dirección de correo electrónico personal que proporcionó cuando se inscribió y activó su Oficina Virtual.

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Proporcione su CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población) para garantizar servicios seguros

En MonaVie estamos comprometidos en ofrecerle los mejores y más seguros servicios posibles. Para hacer esto efectivo, por favor proporcione su Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP) tan pronto le sea solicitada durante su inscripción.

Cuando se registre en su Oficina Virtual por primera vez, una ventana aparecerá solicitando su información personal y su CURP. Usted podrá eludir está ventana de ingreso de su CURP, cinco veces. A la sexta, la Oficina Virtual se bloqueará para su cuenta.

A pesar de que el sistema esté bloqueado para usted, usted continuará recibiendo los pagos hasta 10 semanas. Por favor tome en cuenta que el 100% de sus ganancias estará retenido hasta que proporcione su CURP llamando al servicio de Apoyo al Distribuidor al 001 866 984-8398 (sin costo).

Una vez recibido su CURP, MonaVie iniciará el proceso de liberación de sus fondos retenidos.

Si usted continua sin darnos su CURP para la semana diez, todos los pagos ganados durante la primera semana serán penalizados y su cuenta será suspendida. Si el CURP no es proporcionado para la semana once, las ganancias de la segunda semana serán penalizadas y así sucesivamente para cada semana, hasta que recibamos su CURP.

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Opciones de pago de los Productos MonaVie

Cuando empiece la operación completa en México para los primeros días de Mayo, estará en posibilidad de comprar inmediatamente producto y contar con herramientas de asistencia en Español a través de su Oficina Virtual o llamando al servicio de Apoyo al Distribuidor al 001 866 984-8398 (sin costo).

Usted puede comprar productos utilizando las tarjetas de crédito VISA, MasterCard, y American Express. También hemos creado una opción para comprar en efectivo mediante depósito bancario en Santander o HSBC.

Si elige la opción de depósito en efectivo, tendrá tres días hábiles para realizar el pago en uno de los bancos autorizados. Después de completar su pedido, una ventana como la de abajo aparecerá, proporcionándole las instrucciones y el número de referencia que tiene que dar en el banco para realizar el pago.

Puede imprimir las instrucciones para su comodidad. Si pierde u olvida los números de referencia, puede buscarlos nuevamente en Order History dentro de su Oficina Virtual.

Una vez que se reciba el pago, MonaVie procesará y enviará su pedido dentro de las próximas 48 horas hábiles.

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Presentando pago de impuestos

MonaVie tiene el placer de informarle de los lineamientos establecidos para la deducción de impuestos de sus compensaciones una vez que alcance el rango de Rubí.

Inicialmente, sus ganancias semanales estarán sujetas a retención de impuestos acorde con las leyes mexicanas. MonaVie utilizará las tarifas de retención aplicables, establecidas por el gobierno para esta deducción. Para obtener información más detallada, llame a nuestra oficina en México al (55) 9178-4530.

Una vez que usted logre el rango de Rubí, tendrá la opción de proporcionar a MonaVie un RFC como persona física con actividad empresarial o como persona moral. Cuando usted proporcione el RFC, MonaVie ya no le retendrá impuestos de sus ganancias semanales. Por favor tome nota que proporcionando su RFC se le requerirá presentar la documentación correspondiente a MonaVie.

En caso de cualquier cambio de status fiscal favor de comunicarse a nuestra oficina en México al (55) 9178-4530

Después de proporcionar a MonaVie su RFC, MonaVie le podrá proporcionar, bajo solicitud, una factura por la venta de producto cada semana.

Queremos agradecerle de antemano su paciencia y consideración en este proceso, en el que estamos construyendo y proporcionando una oportunidad de negocio honesta, que cumpla con las leyes mexicanas.

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Información de envío

MonaVie está haciendo equipo con la compañía líder de envíos en México para proporcionarle la mejor y más rápida entrega de sus productos.

Con una completa cobertura en todo el territorio mexicano, Estafeta nos apoya con la última tecnología incluyendo el rastreo del envío en línea.

MonaVie trabajará con Estafeta para entregar su pedido en un promedio de dos a cinco días hábiles.

En caso de cualquier retraso, por favor llame al servicio de Apoyo al Distribuidor al 001 866 984-8398 (sin costo) o envíe un correo electrónico a Nuestros representantes se pondrán en contacto con Estafeta para acelerar su envío.

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Mar 22, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—John and Debbie Belardo

Congratulations to John and Debbie Belardo from Boynton Beach, Florida, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"Our journey to Blue Diamond has been the greatest blessing in our lives. Before MonaVie, we were in the manufacturing and real estate industries. We had to sell our manufacturing business, and we all know what has happened to the real estate industry. As all of this was happening in our lives, we were praying for help.

"That's when our friends, Greg and Silvia Adelman, came to our house and did what friends do. I thank my upline for that visit, and I thank God for helping us see this opportunity. MonaVie is the most precious gift, and we are very thankful to be able to help our friends and family.

"This company has changed our lives in so many ways. We engaged as soon as we knew what this company was all about; it is truly a five-star company. MonaVie is the vehicle to transform people's lives. Our advice is to equip those you sponsor with the right tools, the right training, and the right support system. The most important thing is to develop them with love, trust, and honesty.

"We thank our support system, especially Steve and Gina Merritt, for paving the road for us and always being there for us."

Mar 22, 2009

Pre-Market Enrollment Guidelines

What a thrilling time it is to be a MonaVie distributor! We have never experienced more enthusiasm for or interest in the MonaVie opportunity than we are witnessing today. With our free enrollment program, February and March have been outstanding months. We congratulate all of you for embracing and sharing MonaVie's message of hope, health, and opportunity during this difficult time of economic uncertainty.

With our recent successful launches in Japan and Israel, many of you have expressed great interest about other prospective international market openings. As you know, MonaVie has officially announced the planned introduction of full-business opportunities in Mexico before May and in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Poland during the latter part of 2009. MonaVie will continue to announce and open additional markets as resources, and the timely satisfaction of local government regulatory requirements, will allow.

With this in mind, and according to approved timetables, MonaVie will seek to create every equitable opportunity for the pre-enrollment of your prospects residing in markets where development plans are well underway. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that MonaVie is now prepared to allow such enrollments through the MonaVie Virtual Office as follows:

  1. From MonaVie's home page (, invite your prospect to select the "enroll" menu option at the top of the page and have him or her enter your sponsor ID number in order to gain access to the enrollment screen; or, from the Virtual Office, your prospect can select the "Enroll a Distributor" menu item from the main menu to gain similar access to the enrollment screen.
  2. Your prospect should then select the authorized country in which he or she resides from within the drop-down window. If selecting a country where only pre-enrollment is allowed (e.g., UK, Netherlands, Poland, or other future countries), the enrollment process will be restricted to tree placement only. In support of our current free enrollment promotion, MonaVie has elected to waive all pre-market enrollment fees. Therefore, authorized pre-market enrollment is free to all distributor prospects.
  3. Pre-enrollees are not permitted to order, generate volume, or be paid a commission. They are, however, given limited access to the Virtual Office and allowed to invite other distributors to enroll in either the same fashion—as pre-enrollees within approved "pre-enrollment" markets (e.g., UK, Netherlands, or Poland), or as full operating distributors within markets where MonaVie is registered, approved, and open for business.
  4. Pre-enrollees will be prompted for all applicable personal information, including, name, national ID number, local address (NOT a U.S., Canadian, or other misrepresentation of an address), telephone number, email address, etc.

When we officially open a country, pre-enrollees will submit to a conversion process that will make them authorized, registered, and positioned distributors within MonaVie. They will then have full access to the Virtual Office and the full suite of MonaVie distributor services and opportunities.

For specific rules on conducting the MonaVie business outside your home country, please review the "International Marketing" guidelines under section four of the Policies and Procedures.

IMPORTANT: As of the date of this communication, each MonaVie distributor must understand that attempts to circumvent this authorized method for pre-market enrollment of distributors will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including likely removal from the tree of those who have been placed there in an unauthorized way (i.e., fabricated addresses, National ID Numbers), thus requiring re-enrollment at the bottom of the tree. Our desire is to create fair and equitable enrollment opportunities for all distributors when new markets are announced and enrollment opportunities are authorized.

We share your excitement about MonaVie's expansion into international markets and appreciate in advance your support of and compliance to this process for pre-market enrollment of interested distributors. Please direct any remaining questions or concerns to your local Distributor Support representative.

As always, we encourage you to be exceptional!

Mar 22, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—Allen and Jaime Turner

Congratulations to Allen and Jaime Turner from Alpine, Utah, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"We have become Blue Diamonds because of Scott and Sue Olsen. They have been successful in this business, and we followed what they told us to do. They are not only the best sponsors, but they are the greatest people.

"MonaVie has been a blessing for our family. Our kids drink MonaVie more than they drink water. We all feel great and are doing so well as a family. The MonaVie opportunity allows those who work hard to get rewarded. What was appealing to us was that we knew that we could be successful if we put in the time and effort and had the support of our team and leaders.

"One piece of advice we have is to do the things that your team leaders tell you to do. They have all been there and have experienced all that you are going through in this business. If you can imitate what your leaders have done, you can be successful.

"We are so thankful to the people who work so hard at MonaVie. Without the leaders at MonaVie, none of this would have been possible."

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