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Feb 13, 2012

Exclusive RVL Mixed Berry Promo Ends

We are pleased to announce that we have sold out of our delicious MonaVie RVL Mixed Berry Shake Mix Promo inventory. Thank you to all who helped make this promotion a huge success!

Item No. Item Price PV
1090280101 Mixed Berry RVL Shake Mix
(1 bag, 28 servings)

Feb 13, 2012

Free Shipping During Canada Presale of MonaVie MX and MonaVie Elements

MonaVie is pleased to offer free shipping to Canada distributors who purchase MonaVie MX and MonaVie Elements during the presale, which begins today! Personal Volume will be credited to your account immediately for all purchases during the presale.

Feb 13, 2012

Bridge Your Child's Nutritional Gaps with MonaVie CH™

Designed especially to meet the growing needs of kids, MonaVie CH™ is a tasty formula that provides the essential nutrients needed to strengthen their bodies' natural immune system, develop healthy bones and teeth, and correct nutritional deficiencies.

Feb 9, 2012

RVLution Health Webinar (Mon., 2/13): Creating Your RVLution Health Action Plan

Click here to register and join us for this week’s RVLution Health Webinar, “Creating Your RVLution Health Action Plan,” Monday, February 13, 2012, at 7 p.m. (MST)!

On this webinar, MonaVie RVL Spokesperson and NY Times bestselling author of Body Confidence Mark Macdonald will cover what you need to be doing to optimize your 90-day RVLution, regardless of what phase you are in—Weight loss, Breakthrough, or Lifestyle.

Feb 6, 2012

Get the New MyMonaVie for Just US$18.95 a Month and Do Business Worldwide

Connect with people across the street or across the country. Do business around the world or around the corner—any time, all the time. With My MonaVie, you’ll generate business whether you are at your computer or not. Filled with self-updating and corporate-approved company and product information, MyMonaVie is your personalized website that offers a convenient and powerful online presence with the following benefits:

Feb 6, 2012

MonaVie WM Strengthens Your Bones, Protects Your Cells, and Increases Your Energy

MonaVie WM™ doesn’t just support your health; it changes it for the better. This delicious supplement is fortified to increase energy with natural B vitamins, to help sub-optimal Vitamin D levels, and features natural Vitamin E, and 25 other essential vitamins and minerals. Your unique chemistry demands iron to assist your every day energy needs. And, we didn’t forget calcium to strengthen your bones.

Feb 1, 2012

Play the RVLution Game Show and Win!

Introducing the all-new RVLution Game Show—a fun and interactive way to introduce the MonaVie 90-Day RVLution!

Be entertained and informed as RVLution Game Show host Tom Walker leads two onscreen contestants in playing the game. Interspersed throughout the 20-minute game show is important information on MonaVie RVL products and the RVLution, as well as multiple opportunities for you—the viewer—to participate by answering certain questions. Viewers are then invited to submit their answers on the MonaVie Facebook Fan page for a chance to win an exclusive MonaVie Pedometer.*

Jan 31, 2012

New Business Builder Kits for Existing Distributors Now Available in the U.S.!*

Now that MonaVie 2.0 is here, so are the latest versions of MonaVie Business Builder Kits for existing distributors! To get your hands on yours, contact MonaVie Support.

Juice Starter; RVL Opportunity; MX Success
Available in premier juice blend, RVL, and Nutritional Chemistry options, Business Builder Enrollment Kits allow you to easily and naturally share the MonaVie products and business opportunity. And, all come with cash bonuses. So, start shopping and see which kit is right for you and your new distributors!

Jan 30, 2012

MonaVie MN—Men's Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Vitalize your health with the MonaVie MN™ vitamin and mineral supplement. Designed to provide far reaching nutritional insurance, this delicious, power-packed formula doesn't just support your health; it changes it for the better.

Jan 27, 2012

MonaVie RVLution Speaks: Quote of the Day

“Knowledge is knowing. Wisdom is applied knowledge.”
—Dan Millman

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