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May 10, 2010

Preferred Customer Program Spotlight—Tony and Sherrie McKnight

Congratulations to Blue Diamond Executives Tony and Sherrie McKnight from Gainesville, Florida, one of MonaVie's most successful distributorships utilizing the Preferred Customer Program. Here's what they have to say about their experience with the Preferred Customer Program…

"We've been very successful with the Preferred Customer Program because we are dedicated to the business of MonaVie. We don't 'play' at MonaVie. We realize that preferred customer sales are a core component of our business, not only for long-term stability but for profitability as well. Preferred customer sales also give us a steady stream of referrals to our networking business.

"What has helped us be successful is practicing the age-old adage, 'the customer is always right.' We believe in treating our preferred customers as we would want to be treated. This helps us build and maintain relationships with them. Quite a few of our customers have become distributors over time.

"The unique aspect of the Preferred Customer Program is that there really is no excuse for someone to not try MonaVie, whether as a distributor or as a customer. It really lowers the barrier to entry and gives potential customers a streamlined way to purchase product and communicate with their distributor."

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