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Mar 22, 2009

Pre-Market Enrollment Guidelines

What a thrilling time it is to be a MonaVie distributor! We have never experienced more enthusiasm for or interest in the MonaVie opportunity than we are witnessing today. With our free enrollment program, February and March have been outstanding months. We congratulate all of you for embracing and sharing MonaVie's message of hope, health, and opportunity during this difficult time of economic uncertainty.

With our recent successful launches in Japan and Israel, many of you have expressed great interest about other prospective international market openings. As you know, MonaVie has officially announced the planned introduction of full-business opportunities in Mexico before May and in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Poland during the latter part of 2009. MonaVie will continue to announce and open additional markets as resources, and the timely satisfaction of local government regulatory requirements, will allow.

With this in mind, and according to approved timetables, MonaVie will seek to create every equitable opportunity for the pre-enrollment of your prospects residing in markets where development plans are well underway. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that MonaVie is now prepared to allow such enrollments through the MonaVie Virtual Office as follows:

  1. From MonaVie's home page (, invite your prospect to select the "enroll" menu option at the top of the page and have him or her enter your sponsor ID number in order to gain access to the enrollment screen; or, from the Virtual Office, your prospect can select the "Enroll a Distributor" menu item from the main menu to gain similar access to the enrollment screen.
  2. Your prospect should then select the authorized country in which he or she resides from within the drop-down window. If selecting a country where only pre-enrollment is allowed (e.g., UK, Netherlands, Poland, or other future countries), the enrollment process will be restricted to tree placement only. In support of our current free enrollment promotion, MonaVie has elected to waive all pre-market enrollment fees. Therefore, authorized pre-market enrollment is free to all distributor prospects.
  3. Pre-enrollees are not permitted to order, generate volume, or be paid a commission. They are, however, given limited access to the Virtual Office and allowed to invite other distributors to enroll in either the same fashion—as pre-enrollees within approved "pre-enrollment" markets (e.g., UK, Netherlands, or Poland), or as full operating distributors within markets where MonaVie is registered, approved, and open for business.
  4. Pre-enrollees will be prompted for all applicable personal information, including, name, national ID number, local address (NOT a U.S., Canadian, or other misrepresentation of an address), telephone number, email address, etc.

When we officially open a country, pre-enrollees will submit to a conversion process that will make them authorized, registered, and positioned distributors within MonaVie. They will then have full access to the Virtual Office and the full suite of MonaVie distributor services and opportunities.

For specific rules on conducting the MonaVie business outside your home country, please review the "International Marketing" guidelines under section four of the Policies and Procedures.

IMPORTANT: As of the date of this communication, each MonaVie distributor must understand that attempts to circumvent this authorized method for pre-market enrollment of distributors will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including likely removal from the tree of those who have been placed there in an unauthorized way (i.e., fabricated addresses, National ID Numbers), thus requiring re-enrollment at the bottom of the tree. Our desire is to create fair and equitable enrollment opportunities for all distributors when new markets are announced and enrollment opportunities are authorized.

We share your excitement about MonaVie's expansion into international markets and appreciate in advance your support of and compliance to this process for pre-market enrollment of interested distributors. Please direct any remaining questions or concerns to your local Distributor Support representative.

As always, we encourage you to be exceptional!

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