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Nov 16, 2009

October International Rank Advancements

As MonaVie continues to expand one country at a time, distributors around the globe are expanding the opportunity one person at a time.

From Canada to Japan and to our newest markets in the U.K. and Poland, distributors around the world of MonaVie are gaining momentum, advancing in the ranks, and experiencing amazing success by building relationships and sharing our premier product.

MonaVie would like to recognize and congratulate the following international distributors for advancing to the rank of Ruby Executive or above during the month of October:

Hawaiian Blue Diamond Executives

Grant Ferguson and Maria Carreon—Mexico

Blue Diamond Executives

Marcelo Serakides and Luiz Henrique Soares—Brazil
Gail Boone—Canada
Simon Brookes—United Kingdom

Emerald Executives

Hong Bin Ke—Australia
Adi Orpaz—Israel
Sher Mohamad—Singapore

Ruby Executives

Antonio Galvao Ferreira—Brazil
Rodrigo Seixas Palmieri Rodrigues—Brazil
Tammy Rail—Canada
Thomas LaForme—Canada
Teruhisa Miyoshi—Japan
Jose Guadalupe Covarrubias—Mexico
Azenet and Alejandro Moreno—Mexico
Artur Rdzonek—Poland
Matt Hammond—United Kingdom
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