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Apr 26, 2010

MVU Tip of the Week

Make Ideas Stick
The tasting party last night was amazing, especially the incredible insights you gained from other distributors. Now, if you could just remember what they said.

No matter how great the idea, once in a while great ideas just don't seem to stick in our brains. Some of the following methods of note taking are great ways to capture important ideas for future use:

• Take notes on a handheld electronic device
• Keep a micro recorder in your pocket
• Jot down great ideas in your daily planner
• Write down what you learn in a good, old-fashioned notepad

If you do find yourself at an important MonaVie event without a note taking tool, try taking mental notes using a mnemonic device. For example, let's say that you just heard that phytonutrients fight free radicals. You could imagine a boxing glove, and, later on when you're trying to remember what phytonutrients do, the image of the boxing glove will help you make the connection.

So, make a habit of taking notes. Even if it's just lipstick on a napkin, the idea is to make great ideas from a distributor's lips stick.

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