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Jun 21, 2010

MonaVie’s Newest Blue Diamond—Shelley Ke

Congratulations to Shelley Ke from Sydney, Australia, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive! Here’s what she had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“After joining MonaVie, I studied the Compensation Plan. Knowing the ins and outs of a traditional franchise business, I was amazed at both the solid platform and exceptional concept surrounding MonaVie’s Compensation Plan. From the first day I joined I felt dedicated to succeeding with MonaVie, and I remain fully committed and prepared to work hard.

“I was introduced to network marketing at a time when I had just sold my jewelry business and thought that I would lead a semi-retired life, focused on property investment. Network marketing was something I had heard about but never really paid any attention to. It was at a family gathering that my sister mentioned how a member of her staff was involved in a fruit juice network marketing business. I was eager to learn more, so I asked my sister to arrange an appointment.

“With this being my first network marketing business, I will admit that I felt a little lost at the beginning. Luckily, I had Blue Diamond Executives Helen Newham and Val Wolfenden as my mentors and leaders. They have helped me become successful by guiding me through the business. They have been invaluable as have Megan and Anthony Wolfenden, our Australian Black Diamonds. I’ve also been so lucky to have a group of great people to work with in my downline, and I am grateful for my family’s support and motivation.

“My advice to others who want to succeed is five-fold: 1) Realize the honest power of this business by building your belief in the direct selling industry; 2) Study and use the tools available to you, such as the International Business Building Kit; 3) Work closely with your active upline and downline; 4) Set goals daily, weekly, and monthly to hone your skills toward continuously growing your MonaVie business; and 5) Never give up. When you face challenges, do not make excuses. Remember, to be successful is hard work, but being unsuccessful is harder on your life.

“I enjoy MonaVie because it is a timeless product that everyone can use to help them achieve good health. Also, for such a world-class company, MonaVie is extremely young. Most who join and find success can become pioneers in the global market where there is plenty of room for growth.

“Being in MonaVie has made me feel that anything is possible. Whether it is in health or in financial freedom, I believe I can achieve both with MonaVie. In addition, with the grand vision that MonaVie has for the future, I know that endless possibilities lay ahead for my business, team, friends, and family.”

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