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Sep 8, 2009

MonaVie Opens in the United Kingdom and Poland

Through strategic planning, MonaVie's Executive Team is expecting unprecedented international growth in the coming years, and we are thrilled to move forward with some new market openings. Our goal for continued expansion falls right in line with our primary goal to improve lives around the world through the MonaVie opportunity.

MonaVie Europe: Preparing to Launch U.K. and Poland

We are thrilled to launch the MonaVie opportunity in Europe much earlier than planned with the official opening of the United Kingdom and Poland next week!

At the time of launch, you will be able to order and receive product shipments and receive weekly commission payments.

This welcome announcement is in response to your tremendous enthusiasm, our growing distributor force in these two markets, and our ability to accommodate both the early registration of our products and the establishment of fundamental business requirements in both markets.

Localized Features Coming Soon
In our effort to move up the launch of these two markets, some services that would typically accompany an official opening are still in development (i.e. certain payment types/currencies; market specific sales brochures, videos, and websites).

Initially, you will be able to purchase products and earn commissions in British Pounds in the United Kingdom and in Euros in Poland. In both markets, you will be able to pay for products with a Visa or MasterCard.

In the coming weeks after launch, MonaVie will continue to vastly improve the opportunity by providing localized features, such as marketing tools in your native language as well as a more widely accepted payment type. In Poland, you will be able to purchase products and receive commissions in Zloty.

Preparing for MonaVie Netherlands
As with all our international markets, MonaVie is committed to building a legal, sustainable, and long-term business opportunity in the Netherlands. With that, we are taking extra steps to ensure satisfaction of all local government and regulatory requirements. We invite you to stay tuned for further information regarding our official launch of the Netherlands.

The opening of U.K. and Poland will mark our introduction into this dynamic region of the world and will mark MonaVie's fourth and fifth country openings for 2009.

With our distributor-first focus, MonaVie's momentum continues to rise, and as we continue to expand internationally, you gain the opportunity to increase your business proportionately.

John Doughty Named Managing Director of MonaVie Europe

On behalf of our Executive Team at MonaVie, we are pleased to welcome John Doughty as our Managing Director of MonaVie Europe.

With 20 years of executive and management experience in the direct sales industry, John brings a vast amount of valuable knowledge about the European marketplace to MonaVie. His impressive background includes serving on the main board for Betterware, one of the United Kingdom's biggest direct selling companies, and as a director of the Direct Selling Association.

John has also served as a consultant, managing director, and president of European operations for some of the biggest names in the direct selling industry. He successfully spearheaded the development of full-business operations in the European markets for each company.

We are excited to have someone of John's calibre as part of our MonaVie team. He will be based out of England as we begin business opportunities in September throughout the United Kingdom and Poland.

Doug Allen
Vice President of International Development, MonaVie

"With international growth opportunities blossoming in Europe and throughout the world, this is an exciting time to become part of MonaVie. What's more, MonaVie is a company that is setting new standards in the direct selling industry based on its premier products, superb leaders, and incredible rewards." — John Doughty, Managing Director, MonaVie Europe

Doug Allen, VP of International Development

As vice president of international development, Doug is responsible for the successful launch of MonaVie Israel and the expansion of MonaVie into other international markets.

Prior to joining MonaVie, Doug managed the development of another competitive beverage company throughout the Asia Pacific region. He also boasts a decade's worth of experience in overseeing the Southeast Asia region of a billion dollar skin care company. For two of those years, he served as an assistant general manager in the company's Bangkok office. As a complement to his international expertise, Doug has also earned an executive MBA in global management.

Earlier in his career, Doug spent two years in Osaka, Japan, managing the import/export and training activities for a Japanese company. Doug's cumulative international and industry experience makes him a welcome addition to the MonaVie family.

"We are excited to take our first steps into Europe. As these initial, strategic country openings grow and progress we look forward to further expansion in this dynamic region of the world. Our goal is to provide a robust opportunity that includes localized features in each country to help you build a world-class MonaVie brand throughout Europe."
—Doug Allen, Vice President of International Development, MonaVie

Varlin Law, VP of International Sales

Varlin's 18 years of direct sales and management experience provides valuable guidance for our international markets. Varlin has demonstrated wisdom in managing, training, motivating, and leading distributors. Prior to joining MonaVie, he served in executive level positions at four different direct selling companies.

Diagnosed with leukaemia in 1998, Varlin has since undergone a successful bone marrow transplant. He and his wife, Carla, served together as chairpersons for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. With this strong desire to give back, Varlin has personally raised more than $3 million for various charity organizations and has shared his passion for life with thousands of people, inspiring them to overcome obstacles.

"In every country we introduce the MonaVie opportunity we remain committed to providing you with all the tools you need to achieve your dreams. From premier, health-promoting products to the MORE Project, MonaVie is changing the world one person at a time, and I encourage you to build your business in the same manner and conduct it with a high-level of integrity and passion that you can be proud about."
—Varlin Law, Vice President of International Sales, MonaVie

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