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May 18, 2010

MonaVie Germany Launches Tuesday, May 18

MonaVie is thrilled to announce that we have officially launched full business operations in Germany on Tuesday, May 18, 2010! This welcome announcement is in response to your tremendous enthusiasm and our growing distributor force in European markets.

Germany Distributor Support
In order to provide the highest quality service, MonaVie has established a new, toll-free Distributor Support phone number specifically for Germany. We encourage distributors in Germany to use this contact information for any assistance needed. Distributors in Germany may also purchase MonaVie™ and MonaVie Active™ through the Virtual Office or by contacting Distributor Support.

Phone: 0-800-183-0698
Hours: Mon.–Fri., 12–8 p.m. (GMT)

With our distributor-first focus, MonaVie’s momentum continues to rise, and as we continue to expand internationally, you will gain the opportunity to increase your business proportionately. Please visit for future updates about this exciting launch.

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