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Mar 22, 2009

MonaVie Corporate Celebrates Scott and Sue Olsen Royal Black Diamond Day

Scott and Sue Olsen, along with many of their children and grandchildren, pulled up to MonaVie corporate headquarters in South Jordan, Utah, in the back of a black limousine on Wednesday, March 25, 2009, to celebrate their Royal Black Diamond Day. Watch the video recap.

The first distributorship to ever sign up with MonaVie, Scott and Sue were presented with a $100,000 check as well as their official Royal Black Diamond pins, as the gathered corporate employees showered them with cheers of appreciation.

Reminiscing about the first business meeting he and Scott had at a local restaurant, MonaVie Founder and President Dallin Larsen recalled that the two men shared a dream to provide for their families through networking. Because of that dream, they made a commitment to each other that resulted in the launch of MonaVie in 2005.

"Some people see Scott and Sue Olsen as Royal Black Diamonds, but they don't know the rest of the story," Dallin said. "This company wouldn't be where it is today were it not for the efforts, determination, commitment, persistence, and passion of Scott and Sue Olsen."

The Olsens' children, who also were there to be celebrated, expressed their love and appreciation for their parents' hard work. "Whenever I think of leadership, I think of my mom and dad," said Parker Olsen, Scott and Sue's youngest son. "I'm really grateful for MonaVie because it has blessed our lives in a lot of ways."

Executive Vice President and Cofounder Henry Marsh echoed those sentiments when he spoke about the passion the Olsens have for their MonaVie business. Henry said that wherever he travels as part of his responsibilities with the company, Scott is always there. "He loves his people, and he supports them," Henry said. "That's why he's a great leader, and that's why he's successful."

Sue thanked the corporate staff for the help and support they give to them and the people in their organization. She said she loves that MonaVie is a relationship company that offers many opportunities to give back. "We appreciate your contributions, and we love you." she said.

Expressing his love for Dallin, Henry, and Executive Vice President and Cofounder Randy Larsen, Scott articulated his strong belief that the next five to 10 years will be the best years that MonaVie has ever seen. "We're going to accomplish the wildest dreams for each and every one of us," he said.

MonaVie congratulates the entire Olsen family on becoming Royal Black Diamond Executives!

View the Olsens' Black Diamond documentary.

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