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Jul 23, 2009

Watch the "First Class to Fenway" Video

The six winning distributorships of the "First Class to Fenway" promotion received their grand prize trip aboard the MonaVie Jet to Boston, Massachusetts, where they watched the Boston Red Sox take on the New York Yankees at Fenway Park.

Congratulations once again to the winners!

Watch the video.
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Jul 23, 2009

Scheckter Takes 8th Place at Chicagoland Speedway

Nearly a month removed from his last race, MonaVie driver Tomas Scheckter finished in eighth place at the PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil Indy 300 at Chicagoland Speedway on August 29, 2009.

Scheckter had a flawless start, moving from 14th to 12th position in the first lap. Driving a good, consistent race with near perfect pit stops, he earned the fastest lap of the race on lap 193 (218.3 mph).

"It was a great race for the MonaVie car," Scheckter said. "The MonaVie crew did a great job, so I just have to thank the team. It's great to be back and to have a really good performance [after having two races off]. Good job to everyone on the team."

Jul 22, 2009

MonaVie EMV Wakeboarding Video

Professional wakeboarder Cobe Mikacich and MonaVie's Vice President of Product Management Jeff Graham recently hit the waves with MonaVie EMV.

"[MonaVie EMV] is natural; it's good for you; but, it also keeps you out there and lets you have fun," Cobe says. "This new energy drink is perfect."

Go to MonaVie TV to watch the EMV Wakeboarding video.

Jul 22, 2009

MonaVie EMV Reaches Summit of Mt. Rainier

MonaVie distributor Robert Dickie and his friend Bob Cassidy recently scaled Mt. Rainier and placed a can of MonaVie EMV on its summit. Read about their journey in Robert Dickie's own words.

"Bob Cassidy and I planned this trip in January 2009 after reading Together on Top of the World by Phil and Susan Ershler, the first couple to climb the seven summits (the highest peaks on all seven continents). Bob and I became inspired to achieve that same goal by 2012 and to do it for a good cause. Climbing Mt. Rainier was a training expedition to prepare us to achieve our goal.

"We work extensively with the American Autism Association (ASA) in Washington, D.C., raising money and helping chapters around the country. Barbara Newhouse, ASA's COO, was extremely excited to build a national fundraising campaign around this endeavor. Our goal is to raise over one million dollars for ASA.

"I got the idea of taking a can of MonaVie EMV to the summit of Mt. Rainier because I knew it would be a first. I plan to take a can of MonaVie EMV to each of the seven summits. I see MonaVie EMV as the premier energy drink on the market, so it seems fitting that it should be the first energy drink on the summit of Mt. Rainier.

"The journey to the top was a long one that started with months of training. My guides thought I was crazy carrying a can of MonaVie EMV to the top because the idea is to keep your pack as light as possible. It was worth it though. The sense of accomplishment from pushing my body to its limits is more than I can put into words. I felt exhilarated that after months of training I achieved my objective. You learn so much about yourself and life through climbing. You can't quit. You have to stay focused on the next step, and you can't look up to the summit because that will get you in trouble. When we looked down into the valley, it was amazing to see how far we came by focusing on one small step at a time.

"I am inspired by the philanthropic endeavors of the entire MonaVie staff regarding the MORE Project, and I share MonaVie's true commitment to making a difference in the world. I have found that this is not an attitude shared by the Founders alone, but this attitude seems to permeate every aspect of business in MonaVie.

"In 2010, Bob and I will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Elbrus, the highest peaks in Africa and Europe. MonaVie EMV will be there!"

Jul 21, 2009

MonaVie's Newest Blue Diamonds—Dr. Rashid and Debbie Buttar

Congratulations to Dr. Rashid and Debbie Buttar from Huntersville, North Carolina, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone...

"When I was approached by a man promoting a fruit juice in what looked like a wine bottle, I had no interest in what he was telling me; however, the word 'açai' caught my attention because I had a contract to purchase a white dwarf acai plantation just outside of Rio de Janeiro. I didn't realize at the time that the man (Robert Lemus) 'pitching' me the juice would become one of my closest friends.

"It took Robert a month to convince me to join MonaVie. When I did make the decision to join, it was more than an intellectual or financial decision; I believe my decision was made with direction from above. MonaVie products are truly fantastic. Recently, I was asked which three healthy products I would take with me if I had to leave Earth. I answered with the three things I use on a daily basis, including MonaVie.

"I was in MonaVie for nearly a year-and-a-half before I realized that I was conducting my business the wrong way. I had signed up over 100 people, but there is a huge difference between signing people up and sponsoring them. I fully realized this when I spent some time with MonaVie leaders at corporate-sponsored events. I hope that those reading this will learn from my mistake and understand the difference between sponsoring and merely signing up.

"Brig Hart told us in Japan that people don't care what you know; they want to know that you care. This simple statement had a profound impact on me, and I encourage everyone to remember it. I realized that I had grown my own medical practice by living this principle. My staff and I maintained 110 percent focus on showing our patients that we truly care. We didn't let anyone or anything distract us from that goal, which led to our success.

"I've experienced one unanticipated, yet phenomenal, benefit since joining MonaVie. I've heard others who've excelled in MonaVie mention this as well: The relationships I've developed through MonaVie are absolutely the best friendships I could have ever imagined developing.

"Tim Wilson and Brig and Lita Hart have been unselfish in providing guidance and accessibility. Randy Evans, Scott Falany, and especially Robert and Dawn Lemus and Steve and Linda Kampouroglou exemplify what it means to be extraordinary and tireless leaders. I feel I've well exceeded my allotment of what my daughter would call BFFs (best friends forever). Of course, I could never forget the incredible people that make up my own team, from my wonderful wife Debbie and my great staff to the rest of our hardworking and tireless team of distributors.

"My advice is simple: Believe, take action, and never quit. Always choose to remain happy and grateful because it will keep you in the right state of resonance to attract what you want. This is the magic formula for success in anything you do in life. Most people don't believe or take action; and, if they do, they quit easily. If you just believe, take action, and never quit, you'll be in the top five percent of people in the world. You will achieve all your dreams and more. Be well, and stay healthy!"

Jul 21, 2009

MonaVie EMV Now Available in Canada!

MonaVie EMV is officially available for purchase in Canada!

This healthy energy drink features a proprietary blend of antioxidant rich fruits and botanicals to increase energy, enhance performance, promote alertness, and support endurance.

Unlike other energy drinks, MonaVie EMV does not contain any artificial preservatives or synthetic stimulants that cause jitters or subsequent crashes. MonaVie EMV is fortified with natural sources of energy that can boost your energy level and keep it there for a sustained period.

Access your Virtual Office and order MonaVie EMV today!

Item Code





MonaVie EMV (1 case, 24 cans)




MonaVie EMV (3 cases, 72 cans)




MonaVie EMV (6 cases, 144 cans)




MonaVie EMV (12 cases, 288 cans)



Click here to view the updated price list. You can also download a copy by going to the Document Library of your Virtual Office.

* Pricing shown in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Jul 21, 2009

MonaVie Offers Special Discount on Meijer Indy 300 Tickets

MonaVie is pleased to announce a special 20% discount offer on tickets for this weekend's Meijer Indy 300. Come watch Tomas Scheckter, driver of the MonaVie EMV Indy race car, as he competes at the Kentucky Speedway, Saturday, August 1, at 8 p.m. (EST).

This offer is made available exclusively for MonaVie distributors and their guests. Click here to purchase your tickets for 20% off (the coupon code is "monavie").

Your tickets will be available for pickup at the Kentucky Speedway Will Call window. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID to receive your tickets. Click here to see where the Will Call window is located.

For more race and track information, visit

Jul 20, 2009

Scheckter's Day in Edmonton Cut Short

The Rexall Edmonton Indy was filled with ups and downs for MonaVie driver Tomas Scheckter, who finished 18th overall. As the green flag dropped, he had a clean start and gained two positions early on. The first of two unfortunate incidents occurred on lap 16 when Scheckter hit a curb and began to slow down. Later, on lap 94, Scheckter spun and made contact with the retaining wall. Although the day didn't turn out the way he would have liked, Scheckter was in good spirits following the race.

"We will go back now and see what we have for Kentucky," Scheckter said. "We will try and keep some of the positive things we learned here, and hopefully we can have a good car for Kentucky."

Jul 18, 2009

MORE Miles 4 MORE Kids

MonaVie distributor Paul Meehan feels that his life has been extremely blessed by the acai berry. That's why he is giving back to Brazil through what he's calling "MORE Miles 4 MORE Kids."

MORE Miles 4 MORE Kids is Paul's personal fundraising project on behalf of the MORE Project. Paul will ride his bicycle from Washington D.C., to Orlando, Florida, this August. Those who wish to support the MORE Project in this way may do so by sponsoring any mile of Paul's 900-mile journey.

Paul will depart from Washington D.C., August 15, 2009, and will arrive in Orlando on August 21, 2009. Paul's goal is to raise US$50,000 to go directly to the MORE Project (Paul will cover his own expenses during the trip).

Click here to learn how to support MORE Miles 4 MORE Kids.

Jul 16, 2009

Bo Van Pelt Wins U.S. Bank Championship

[PGA Tour] - July 19, 2009 - Congratulations to Bo Van Pelt, MonaVie Black Diamond distributor and winner of the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee. The achievement marks Van Pelt's first PGA Tour victory in his eight-year career. Van Pelt won with a three-foot birdie on the second hole of a sudden death playoff against John Mallinger.

Watch Bo Van Pelt's press conference.

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