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May 2, 2011

Lose for MORE Challenge Winner—Stephanie Cook

Congratulations to Gold Executive Stephanie Cook from Incline Village, Nevada, a Lose for MORE Challenge winner! As a contest winner, Stephanie receives US$5,000, a trip to Utah for a dream makeover and photo/video shoot, two preferred seating tickets to the 2011 MonaVie International Convention, and lunch with Senior Vice President Jeff Graham. Here's what she had to say on winning the challenge, her experience with MonaVie RVL, and more…

My journey started when I was born.
"My journey of a thousand pounds started when I was born. When I reflect on my youth, I remember all of the pain that my extra weight brought me—the teasing, ridiculing, name-calling, and physical and mental abuse. This has followed me into my adult life. I have always struggled with the physical ramifications of being obese, but the mental punishment that I have put myself through has been far worse. As of today, I have lost a total of 88 pounds with MonaVie RVL, and I can't help but feel extremely emotional when I think about where I have been and where I am now.

"I started my first diet when I was 19 years old, which means I have been dieting for more than half of my life! I remember each diet I have been on as if they are my children. My first diet was a pre-packaged food diet. I would get my entire week of food and my desserts would be gone within two days. So, not very successful was my first endeavor. I went on to have more failures with vitamin injections, hormone injections, a cabbage-soup diet, a blood-type diet, a grapefruit diet, an all-vegetable and fruit diet, a cleansing diet, healthy eating, extreme exercise and many more, including starvation, bulimia, and gastric bypass surgery.

"These plans have all failed me, which caused me to fail on myself. I have had a serious bout with depression and had all but given up on life and was waiting for my time to come. My life was about nothing. My wonderful husband, who has been by my side for over seven years, couldn't do anything to 'fix' me and was very scared for my physical and mental health.

I drove nearly nine hours one way...I did not want to wait for RVL.
"I remember the day I heard that MonaVie RVL was coming. I actually felt hope and excitement that something would actually work for me. I never knew how very true this would be. MonaVie RVL was made available on November 2, 2010. I ordered my one-month supply, and on November 3, I drove nearly nine hours one way to MonaVie's distribution center in Ontario, California. I did not want to wait for RVL to be shipped to me. On November 4, I started the MonaVie RVL program, and my life has forever been changed!

"My husband likes to say that MonaVie has given him his wife back. When we got married, I was at my heaviest weight. It has been his dream to carry me over the threshold, and I want to make that dream come true for him. We wonder how many other lives can be saved by the products of MonaVie, by the leadership of MonaVie, and by the inspiration of MonaVie.

The Lose for MORE Challenge and Stephanie's Daily Routine
"The MonaVie RVL program has made the Lose for MORE Challenge so much fun! The convenience of taking my breakfast, lunch, and snacks with me throughout my day makes my days worry-free. Just open up a water bottle or a snack bar, and voila: success at hand! Also, the challenge provides the much-needed accountability that I knew I would need to keep going each and every day. Knowing that I would have to log in my weight and inches as well as submit a picture every week ensured that I took the everyday steps necessary to keep inching down toward my goals.

"My normal day consists of a RVL shake for breakfast, half of a snack bar with a RVL dietary supplement for my morning snack, a shake for lunch, the other half of my snack bar and another supplement in the afternoon, and a fabulous low-calorie meal for dinner. I love to play around with my favorite recipes and make them RVL friendly. Cooking with different spices and experimenting with different ingredients has given me a love for home-cooked, low-calorie foods that beat eating out any day. I love my chocolate shakes every day. My favorite chocolate shake recipe is three ounces of water, three ounces of unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a scoop of RVL, and ice. It's yummylicious!

I am looking forward to the rest of my new life!
"Because I know the struggles and pain of being overweight and obese, I have vowed to make it my mission to tell every single person that will listen to me about MonaVie RVL. I have something absolutely wonderful that fits into my new lifestyle. For the first time in my life, I am thinking with the end in mind (as Jeff Graham likes to say). I have never been able to do that with my physical journey because I have never been successful. I have never been an ideal weight in my entire adult life; and, for the first time not only do I know that I will reach that ideal weight, but I will do it healthily—mind, body, and spirit. I imagine that I will be down more than 100 pounds by the time the 'Imagine' Convention rolls around in June. I am looking forward to the rest of my new life! Thank you, MonaVie, for allowing me to dream again. I will be forever grateful to you all for the more meaningful life that I am now living."

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