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May 17, 2011

Lose for MORE Challenge Winner—Julian Edwards

Congratulations to Blue Diamond Executive Julian Edwards from Irvine, California, a Lose for MORE Challenge winner! As a contest winner, Julian receives US$5,000, a trip to Utah for a dream makeover and photo/video shoot, two preferred seating tickets to the 2011 MonaVie International Convention, and lunch with Senior Vice President Jeff Graham. Here's what he had to say on winning the challenge, his experience with MonaVie RVL, and more...

My Lifelong Battle with Weight Loss
"It seems as though I have been fighting the battle of the bulge most of my life. The first diet I can remember doing was the infamous grapefruit diet, which I was introduced to at the tender age of 10. (To this day, I won't touch a grapefruit.) In my formative years, I was hoodwinked by a babysitter into believing I must always clean my plate in consideration of the starving children in the world. Adding to the problem of overeating, she beguiled me into napping instead of playing like a normal, active toddler. So, there went the exercise. These bad habits continued into my adolescence when I was dubbed 'big-boned' as I began to resemble the Pillsbury Doughboy.

"The summer prior to my freshman year of high school, I tipped the scales at a whopping 200 pounds! I decided to play football because I was bigger than the rest of the kids. How much bigger you ask? Well, I wasn't able to play Pop Warner football because I would have been grouped by weight category with kids five years my senior. As I continued with my football career through high school and college, I inherited what I will dub the 'offensive lineman syndrome.' I ate what I wanted, but because I was involved in athletics my weight never got out of control. Unfortunately, as my days on the gridiron came to a close, I continued the same eating patterns. And, as the demands of life began to 'weigh down' on me, the pounds just kept accumulating. I can't remember weighing less than 270 pounds in my 30s; and, in my 40s, I hit the inauspicious benchmark of 280 pounds!

"Because I have struggled with my weight issues throughout my life, I've tried a multitude of diets that run the gamut from the aforementioned grapefruit diet to super-cleanse diets. Like most people, I ended up frustrated and miserable. Inevitably, I'd throw in the towel and go back to my old eating habits. I like to eat; in fact, I'm passionate about food, so I've been on a roller coaster ride of emotions all my life. But, now that I've been using MonaVie RVL and received an amazing education on how our bodies work and what they need to work efficiently, I've been able to make a drastic lifestyle change. Now, I ask myself every day, 'Am I eating to live or living to eat?'

My Decision to Join the Lose for MORE Challenge
"During a routine visit to the doctor in October 2010, I was stunned when I weighed in at 280 pounds, the heaviest I've been in my 44 years. A blood panel caused my doctor to have some serious concerns about my health, including obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes. Although I would work out at the gym, it just wasn't enough to make up for years of neglecting my health. Eventually, it all catches up with you.

"When I first heard about MonaVie RVL, I realized this would be my opportunity to get my health back. I began using the RVL products on November 2, 2010, and stayed on track for the full 12 weeks. By January 25, 2011, I was 30 pounds lighter and feeling pretty good about my weight loss. Around that time, I attended the MonaVie RVL City Tour meeting in Anaheim, California, and heard Jeff Graham talk about the Lose for MORE Challenge. At that point, I decided to reset my goal to see what was possible. I made a commitment to lose an additional 30 pounds to help the kids in Brazil. I had no idea that within the next 12 weeks, I would completely transform my body.

"I have to admit that one of the hardest things for me to do during this challenge was to take off my shirt in front of someone. I hadn't done that in over 15 years, so when the first picture was taken in November 2010, it was like facing the bully that had been beating you up and taking your lunch money. I've continued to do this every day for the last 193 days. Whew!

"Losing 30 pounds within the first 12 weeks gave me such a great sense of accomplishment. I knew I was on to something amazing. I think that my success with MonaVie RVL is due to the simplicity of the process: shake, bar, shake, bar, chicken breast, and green vegetable. The only thing I have to consider is what flavor marinade to use on the chicken breast. It just feels right, and I've regained control over my eating habits.

The Metaphorical Icing on the Cake
"The shakes and bars are really delicious, so it's easy to stay with this remarkably simple and satisfying program. Believe me, I've had a lot of meal replacements and shakes over the years and MonaVie is by far the best, hands down! MonaVie RVL leaves me feeling full and content with no letdown between meals.

"Updating my progress weekly helps me stay focused because knowing that I have to submit my weight loss each week is just the incentive I need. I have achieved my personal goals through a daily routine that begins with a workout at a gym from 4 to 6 a.m. I have my first shake at 7:30 a.m., followed by a snack bar and dietary supplement at 10:30 a.m. My afternoon meal consists of a shake at 1 p.m. and a bar and dietary supplement at 3:30 p.m. Dinner at 6 p.m. is usually grilled chicken breast and a green vegetable.

"With the help of MonaVie RVL products and the motivation of the Lose for MORE Challenge, I am already a true winner. How many people can sincerely say they feel better today and are happier with their bodies than they were when they were 20 years old? Not many, but I can! Now my physical appearance matches how I have always felt on the inside—young and full of energy."

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