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Jan 26, 2010

International Rank Advancements Wrap-Up

Last month, MonaVie welcomed five newly appointed leaders in our international markets to our world headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a week of essential training with the MonaVie Executive Team.

Displayed right to left in the photo with MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen (center) and Vice President of Asia-Pacific Doug Allen (far right), the list of new international leaders included:
• David McManus, Regional Managing Director of Southeast Asia and Oceania
• Dan Zhu, Vice President of Greater China
• B.Y. Na, General Manager of South Korea
• Paul Lim, General Manager of Singapore and Malaysia
• Sol Cortes, Director of Mexico

The week proved successful as the new leaders learned the exceptional standards at which MonaVie operates, including the company’s commitment to put distributors first and give back through The MORE Project. Each new leader returned to their respective areas with a renewed enthusiasm to establish a solid business in their respective markets and to help distributors achieve their goals and dreams.

Speaking of goals and dreams, MonaVie would like to recognize and congratulate the following international distributors for advancing to the rank of Ruby Executive or above during the month of December 2009.

Blue Diamond Executives

Akira Tamai—Japan
Hiroshi Tashima—Japan

Diamond Executives

Shinji Ayabe—Japan
Hiromasa Yagishita—Japan
Hiroshi Tashima—Japan
Sanayo Wajima—Japan
Artur Rdzonek—Poland
Tan Beng Hong—Singapore

Emerald Executives

Joe Wack and Colleen Grant—Canada
Kenji Maruyama—Japan
Takeshi and Takako Ochiai—Japan
Harumi Uchiyama—Japan
Kiyohiko Honjo—Japan
Naoko Ohkura—Japan
Seiji Hattori—Japan

Ruby Executives

Eva and Shannon Farr—Australia
Jason Syberg—Canada
Kouichi Kamiya—Japan
Yasuhiko Nagatomo—Japan
Hiromichi Nishi—Japan
Yoshito Masaki—Japan
Akiko Torigoe—Japan
Akira Nakaura and Hiromi Sugimura—Japan
Eiko Nohara—Japan
Than Lee Chen—Singapore
Czeslawa Pindera—Poland
ShahranShahwadi B Che Shaari—Singapore
Seow Gek Mui—Singapore
Koh Hao Jie—Singapore
Andrzej and Jolanta Kuras—Poland
Cliff Walker—United Kingdom
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