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Jul 27, 2010

Inspirational Voices From International Convention: Become a Family Hero

During the second day of the International “Vision” Convention on Saturday, June 26, Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen shifted the agenda so the voices and hearts of distributors could be heard, including Royal Black Diamonds Debbie and Charlie Kalb.

When Debbie and Charlie bought their first case of MonaVie, the product sat in their living room for two weeks. As they stepped around and over the box they kept thinking, “What did we get ourselves into?”

But after their trip to Utah to meet the MonaVie Executive Team, the Kalbs caught the vision of freeing themselves. They have since become heroes to each other and to their family by developing new skills and building stronger characters. “It’s an honor to serve with the people that are in this business,” Charlie said.

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